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Thread: Dahisar Toll Tax

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    Dahisar Toll Tax

    I live in Dahisar from 25yrs and have seen that people going and coming from Dahisar toll naka in vehicles has to pay an amount and I assume that it get back the cost involved to develop the road and area or whatever built but my concern is they have been collecting the tax from yrs now and i ma usre they would have gained more than the money they invested but still they dont stop the tax collection so can you let me know how do we stop that or whom do we question about this to get a clear picture about this,

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    You can use RTI to obtain the terms and conditions under wich the authorization for collecting toll was given. If you find any deviation you can then complaint against it.

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    Re: Dahisar Toll Tax

    Welcome to RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information, Dharmesh.

    Please note that this forum is not for providing answers or providing information. We endeavor to provide means for getting information by using the Right to Information Act, 2005.

    The information you want can be available if you can ask it under the RTI Act to

    But before you pen down the application, please go through RTI Guide. Here you will know , where and how to make application, where and how to make payment of fees, and how to draft a technically correct application.

    The Toll operator must have entered into agreement with MMRDA/ Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai for collection of toll and maintenance of the road. You can try asking question to both these. Will not be surprised if both give you different information.

    You can ask for period of contract, and renewals if any.You should ask for copies of inspection reports submitted by field engineers of these authorities, say for last one year. You may choose to visit their offices personally to inspect their files regarding the 'standard' condition of road which the contractor has promised to maintain. This contract will also have a 'penalty' clause applicable in case of poor maintenance.

    I think you should also ask about rights/ concessions to people living in the 'BOT' road area. If there is a concession available to daily users, the toll collecting person is not going to volunteer the information.

    In case any repairs are currently going on, You can also take sample of material being used for repair, at actual cost. This you can check by matching against standards.

    You can ask if there is any revenue sharing clause in the agreement, and if it is being follwed.

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    Re: Dahisar Toll Tax

    thanks for the information, will try to go through the necessary procedure to get the required info, thanks again.


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