Right use of information sought under RTI important

Pune, October 13 The real impact of the Right to Information (RTI) Act lies in how the procured information is used, was the general theme of discussion at an RTI workshop organised by the Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT), to commemorate the second anniversary of the implementation of the RTI Act at the Police Sanskrutik Bhavan on Saturday .

State Information Commissioner, Pune division Vijay Kuvalekar spoke about the transition of the Act, citing examples of its reach in rural areas along with urban prevalence. “The process just begins with the RTI application and the implementation is another issue altogether,” Kuvalekar said. “While individual applications reach a satisfactory conclusion when the information sought is acquired, for applications pertaining to the interests of the larger society, the process does not end until some change has been brought about,” he added.

RTI activist Major General S C N Jatar (retd) who also spoke on the occasion said that the Act was an antidote to corruption and bribery.

“Often despite RTI applications which have exposed corruption, the problem recurs owing to short public memory and poor follow-up as well as hesitation on part of the media to highlight the same stories.”
Social activist Arvind Kejriwal who was conducting the workshop said that though over 70 countries have adopted similar Acts, the RTI Act in India is the broadest of all.