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Thread: Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper

  1. Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="100&#37;" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=articleheader>The Telegraph dated 15/10/2007

    Secrecy veil off cabinet

    </TD></TR><TR><TD class=articleauthor>SOUMEN BHATTACHARJEE</TD></TR><TR><TD class=story align=left>
    Calcutta, Oct. 14: The government has admitted that the minutes of a cabinet meeting cannot be kept secret and ordinary citizens have a right to know them.

    Co-operation secretary Rajiv Sinha, the appellate authority of his department in matters relating to the Right to Information Act, 2005, has instructed the state’s principal information officer to provide an information on a cabinet decision, a request that had been turned down earlier.
    This is the first time such an instruction has been given in Bengal under the 2005 law.
    “We had sought an information on March 30 regarding the procedures in the re-appointment of retired IAS officer N.G. Chakraborty as the registrar of co-operative societies,” said R. Agarwal, a Delhi resident and right to information crusader.
    The principal information officer of the department, H.P. Roy, informed Agarwal on April 30 that the government could not provide the details of the appointment as the decision was taken in a cabinet meeting chaired by the chief minister.
    The officer also told Ag-arwal that as the proceed- ings of cabinet meetings were classified information, they did not come under the purview of the right to information act.
    Agarwal challenged the reply and moved the appellate authority, Sinha, for a hearing.
    Sinha ruled that the principal information officer’s decision was not correct and that Agarwal should be provided with a copy of the minutes of the meeting.
    “We checked and found that we had committed a mistake in denying Agarwal the copy of the minutes earlier,” said Sinha.
    He also admitted that procedures were not followed while re-appointing Chakraborty.
    An official said Agarwal’s questions to the co-operation department had pointed to irregularities while re-appointing Chakraborty after his retirement on January 31, 2006.
    “Chakraborty was re-appointed for a year, but some basic procedures like issuing a gazette notification were not followed.”
    Right to information cru- saders in the city said the case proves that officials handling the information act in the state are ill informed.


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    Re: Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper

    Incidentally I find this thread suitting to give vent to the suppressed feelings of Defence Services Officers who retire at the age of 52 (now 54). Our government consider these officers as old to hold any appointment in accommodating them in any of the appointment their counterpart in IAS is made to occupy But they find nothing wrong to grant the gooddies of employing the IAS officers till they attain 65

  3. Re: Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper

    This is a very good decision and other States should also take similar steps! Even as a retired IAS Officer of 1964 vintage from M.P. i have always held the view that no -one should get these post retirement extensions but younger generation should get a chance as these extensions have no criteria except awarding pliant people!
    Hari Gautam Obhrai

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    Re: Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper

    I want to submit thanks to Mr Abhijeet who started this thread.

  5. Re: Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper

    The IAS officer , who got extention had done numbers of misdeeds during his tenure. He successfully served the purpose of certain corrupt Managing Committee members, against whom specific direction of the Hon'ble Division Bench for taking suitable steps as per law- but the said officer did not at all obey the order of the High Court, with the help of all sorts of administrative decisions. His office sent direction to the Govt. administrator to lodge FIR against the corrupt Managing Committee members , but the letter was sent in a wrong address and which did never reach to the administrator. This news was published in the Statesman, but no action was taken against the said IAS officer. He was directed to adjudicate membership dispute of one Co op Housing Society in 2004, which he did not obey. When the matter was mentioned in the High Court, the Court once again directed to adjudicate the same within nine months. But that was also not done by him and only after the retirement of that IAS officer , the dispute case had been taken up. The same IAS officer allowed one subordinate officer to do all the illegalities wrt activities as an administrator, no step was taken against it. All these fact s were informed to the proper forum of the Govt. Administration, but all in vain. One so called "enquiry" was conducted only to support the misdeeds of corrupt persons.
    The case is pending years after years, how and why we can not explain. Few RTI applications were submitted by several members-but the reason of this type of activities were non explained tothe affected persons ( RTI is meant for information, not for explanation ) The SIC informed 'there are plenty of forums for greivance redressal. God only knows what should be done, probably we are not that efficient to tackle these type of incidents as well as now a days we are not lucky enough to have any good, dedicated and HONEST advocate to help us. So the High Court's & Apex Court directions of 1985 are being flouted by these officers - and we are help less spectators !


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