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Thread: Police Verification procedure for passport applicant

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    Police Verification procedure for passport applicant

    i filed a RTI with following online MEAPD/R/2016/50502
    they gave me answer file attached but not telling the critical information. filing first appeal also give the standard answer information provided is complete.
    Question:- Do CPV sends copy of documents submitted by the applicant during passport application to prove their identity , address, personal particulars to police department for verification

    Information required :-
    Is copy of his or her file of documents submitted by the passport applicant is also send to various state and Union territories police department, along with personal particular forms to verify personal particulars and address.

    Question Please provide what documents police department submit to substantiate their finding, to CPV of MEA
    1. Address and duration of stay,
    2. Personal Particulars.
    3. Indian citizen in a given year
    4. Indian court order against departure overseas
    5. Pending Arrest Warrant in a given year,

    PIO Answer(letter no 146/CPVRTI/2016 dated 09/02/2016):- state department are responsible for police verification report

    Information required :- this is not relevant answer to my question , i require information are documents are submitted to support police verification report by state police department.
    If no document submitted to support by various police department to Passport submitted please mention , Yes/No

    If yes document are submitted then the provide the complete list of type of document submitted by police department, e.g for duration of stay at address,
    certified copy of witness who provided information to police department that applicant was not staying at a particular place.

    Also provide the details, if you do not have the information about police verification of passport applicant procedure , information of officials name and designation , complete office address, who have decided not to transfer my RTI application MEAPD/R/2016/50409 dated 02 feb 2016, to Delhi police and various union territories police department which come under central government of India RTI act within five days and reason for the same.

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    If you are not satisfied with the decision of CPIO, you may file First Appeal before the designated First Appellate Authority as mentioned by CPIO within 30 days from the date of receipt of CPIO's decision.

    Your right is to seek and obtain information held by the public authority. Please make out a list in juxtaposition indicating the information sought and information supplied / decision of PIO.
    Ascertain which information held by the public authority and pinpointed by you was/were denied by the PIO and the reasons cited for such denial. Your counter argument against such grounds of denial shall be grounds for first appeal.

    For guidance, please refer to: HOW TO FILE FIRST APPEAL UNDER RTI
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    If you are not satisfied with reply of CPIO and First Appellate Authority, then only way out is second appeal to Central Information Commission. You may refer:


    In case if information is not available with CPIO, he should mention so against query.

    RTI Act is for getting information, while in your case, you have sought answers to questions. Hence it would have been advisable if queries are worded in request form e.g.

    Please inform details of documents/papers on which police dept base its report in the matter of PV for passport.

    In your own case, through fresh RTI to concerned passport office, you can seek certified photocopies of police verification report and documents/papers submitted by police dept on the basis of which police report is compiled.
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    First acquaint with the procedure in full. File application and seek information on procedure to be adopted by local police for verification of passports, laid down guidelines. As far as I know, PPO never imposes any guidelines but only insist for such report in a format. It is State Police that devised the procedure, and depending on case to case the process may vary on circumstances.
    To be precise, PPO wants verification report as per their format.
    The procedure of giving such report and steps are take by police as per their laid down procedure.
    Hence to my knowledge, PPO is not concerned with Police procedure.


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