Karnataka Chief Secretary in a soup over corruption charges

Bangalore: He's known as the second most powerful man in Karnataka but now Chief Secretary PB Mahishi is in the eye of a storm after RTI activist group Mahiti Hakku Jagruti Vedike claimed to have unearthed a corruption case against him.

The group claims a CBI FIR of 2006 names Mahishi an accused in a Rs 8.48 crore scandal in the Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd.

After being told by the Chief Secretary's office that the government has no information about the case, the group is now planning to approach Governor Rameshwar Thakur.

“We are confident once he gets the authentication from the CBI he will ask the present Chief Secretary not to continue,” President of Mahiti Hakku Jagruti Vedike, JSD Pani said.

And though unwilling to comment on camera, CBI sources confirm that the case was registered in Delhi and that investigations are on.

According to the rules, vigilance reports must be sought before appointments are made to the rank of Joint Secretary and above, something that the activists say has not been done in this case.

“I have to go into that. Government says they have no information, then I should ask CBI whether you have informed them or not. It's the beginning I should say and not the end,” Pani said confidently.

These activists insist that their fight is not against an individual but against corruption in the government and they say they will continue to do so using the RTI Act.

Karnataka Chief Secretary in a soup over corruption charges