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Thread: Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)

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    Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)


    I received a letter from the Regional Passport Office Pune asking me for Clarifications required regarding issuance of Passport facilities.

    It basically states that I had suppressed the material information in my Passport under Section 12(1)(b) of the Passport Act 1967.

    This letter has come after 3 years of me using my passport. What could be the possible reason and the solution for the same. Since all the information I have provided was correct during that time.


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    Make written submission before the RPO that there is no suppression of any information since all information provided is true and correct and to clarify which information was incorrect, resulting into issuance of the said notice. It is possible, but not sure, that you must not have properly mentioned all the places of your stay during the 5 years period immediately preceding date of application.
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    Thank You Raveena, I have emailed the RPO and tried calling them as well but there has been no reply from there side. Is there a formal application for the same?

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    Of course, you have been served a written notice by RPO, affording you opportunity to explain your stand and make submissions in your defence. You must, therefore, immediately make your written submission by speed post with acknowledgement.

    Sec-12(1)(b) deals with knowingly furnishing false information or suppression of material information with a view to obtain passport or travel documents; or without lawful authority alters or attempts to alter or causes to alter the entries made in a passport or travel document. There shall be prescribed penalty for such suppression of information.
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    Also you may get in touch with Passport Call Center to seek procedural guidance:

    1. By calling call centre at 1800-258-1800
    2. By visiting Helpdesk at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra
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    All this if your application is proper and you have provided correct and proper particulars.
    Wait for a month, and if you are correct, file Application seeking information for addressing such a letter after 3 years, and the documents basing on such that notice was issued, and action taken on your explanation. Follow RTI Rules and regulations as applicable to PPO as mentioned in their website.
    You may also file online grievance in pgrms portal if you want immediate response.

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    Re: Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)

    Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)


    A week back I received a letter from Regional Passport Office, Bhubaneswar by saying:"This is in reference to receipt of an adverse Police verification report corresponding to your application for Passport Reissue. You are therefore, required to furnish a proper explanation regarding the circumstances under which you had suppressed the material information in your passport application and obtained the passport". But I had neither furnished any false information nor suppressed the material information in my passport application. I had submitted all the required supportive true documents I was asked for respectively in my Passport application as well as in the procedure of police verification to the best of my knowledge. Also I had got all of my proofs, documents verified along with my old Passport, an existing valid employment status Visa and the immigration stamp record of departures and arrivals by the authorised police man. I had completed all the official formalities respectively right there at the police station itself. After the completion of police verification procedure, being a NON-RESIDENT INDIAN, the reissued passport is already in use now as I flew back to my work place abroad. As per the Passport office enquiry desk, the reason is the police verification report is saying that information about my stays for the last 3 years are not provided, though I had provided them all the correct particulars along with my old passport, existing valid employment status visa and immigration stamp record. How come an adverse police verification report has been sent while there was no deviation at all from my end!!! Considering my current scenario, PLEASE SUGGEST me the right way. Thanks!

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    Re: Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)

    Just file a grievance in their on line pgportal or passport grievance and seek the copy of police verification report, and the specific fact that they think was not stated by you in application that is not correct. and reiterate that once there are specific markings on passport of your arrival and departure, there is no question of suppressing any material information, there may be a mistake on the part of verification officer.

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    Re: Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)

    Hi Disha,

    I have received a similar letter today. Can you please guide me how did you go about this. I am really worried, I dont know where the mismatch happened, I had stated everything correctly.

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    Re: Passport Act 1967 Section 12(1)(b)

    Most of the members visit the forum, when they face issue, and never come back and report their success story or revisit the forum. If you have any grievance, immediately post the same to passport officer through pgportal.


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