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Thread: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

  1. 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    Wow. Ten years. It's been an incredible ride for all of us at RTI INDIA.

    A decade is a long time. Few things in our lives or in the world last that long—the average tech startup doesn't quite make two years. I'm honored and humbled that you've stuck with us all that time, and I promise that in the decade ahead, RTI INDIA will deliver more and better work in the areas of Right to Information. We believe in making data that others hide, transparent and accessible. We believe in delivering remarkable education and easy softwares that everyone can use and feel proud about. (See our Android & iOS mobile application) We believe that all of this can be done not just without evil, but with real generosity of spirit and action.

    Though we took off slowly, but exactly on this day 22nd September 2006 we brought the domain and started our journey. I would like to put a word of acknowledgement for all the team members, active members, and visitors who have been partners and also made us work from the past 10 years. Thank you for the ten remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support. We absolutely couldn't have done it without you, nor can we take the next steps without your help. I hope you'll keep holding us to high standards, and telling us when we've met your expectations and when we've let you down.

    With Regards,

  2. Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    Congratulations! We did more than what the Govt did in spreading awareness and imparting training to lakhs of our citizens in addition to resolving specific RTI related issues on day to day basis, without even spending one per cent of Govt expenditure. I feel sorry that the great stalwarts like Mr C.J. Karira [MENTION=489]karira[/MENTION] and Ganpati Subramaniam, who have immensely contributed for this cause, are not with us regularly now. Let us all march together for achieving further heights in our endeavour.
    Satyameva Jayate सत्यमेव जयते

  3. Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    Commendable service please keep it up

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  4. Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    Let us no forget the yeomen services of Hon.CJ Karira who has posted more than 43,000/- posts, and though he is not visiting forum, he got maximum likes and some one try whether he can be nominated for Limca Records, as no one can even dream of getting any where near him. But for his personal interest and love to the forum, the forum certainly might have not been in this position. The last year was rough with attack of some pests (in the words of Hon CJK) there are difference of opinions among team members, but the differences are only in genuine related matters and never reflected in personal relations. None of the team members might have not seen each other or talked to each other but still the bonds are so strong, and every one respects the other without any bad feelings. There was an excellent contribution by Madam O. Raveena, as she was handling the entire moderation single handedly in 99%of posts last year, and it is the confidence that she is there moderating, others commenced replying, and like a Principal she has brought in discipline in the forum. I still remember the hard work Hon CJK and Madam O. Raveena's hard work, during spam attacks several times, the thread merging, personal criticism by some etc.
    Because of such dedication, sincerity and commitment the portal is prospering and when I joined the forum, I though the life might be just one or two years as RTI is a small act.
    When compared with views on twitters, the forum is receiving more visitors every day.
    Let us all maintain the same tempo.

  5. Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    This community is The best companion i ever have in my life. Happy birthday.

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    Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    First of all my heartiest congratulations on birthday of this forum, well guided by active members specially Hon.CJ Karira and Madam Raveena.

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    Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    happy bday nice know more about our rights through rti....thx...response on dis site is quick dat is d best part...keep ur wrk high best wishes

  8. Re: 10 years for -today is our birthday!!

    a warm birthday wish to you all RTI members, in this ten years many people have benefited by us and we promise we will keep helping people. we are doing out bit to serve the people of our nation and we should keep doing this good deed

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