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Thread: Opened A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam

  1. Opened A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam

    Hello Dear Friends, It is My Honor To Tell You That In My District Akola, Maharashtra Their was A Corruption Increasing Day By Day In The Roads,Therefore One day I Decided To File A RTI For Knowing The Quality & The Corruption in The RoadOpened  A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam .
    That's Why After Deciding This I Met A Ex. Senior Executive Engineer Who was Neighbour to me. He Teach What are The Primary Source To Know The Quality of The Road I.e to Ask Estimate ( Rate Analysis & Lead Statement),Contract Affidavit Work Order to be made (Schedule A & B) Test Report & Bill..
    When I got This All Documents from The Municipal Corp I Found That The Test Report given to me was of the Another Road Then I Reconfirm From the J.E, Later I Read The Contract Affidavit which was sign by the contractor as well as E.E Stating The Terms & Conditions before signing the Contract I was Shocked that It has Been 1yr & The validity for Completion was of Six Month otherwise it was A Fine of 10000/Rs per day The 1% Revenue of The Contract was made at just 0.10% No Security deposit was Made..
    It is Necessary Under M.O.Road.T & H to Stay Ambulance,Antiseptic, Barack Under Safety Act At The Site But None of that was Their On The Second Day I Found That Their are Four other Roads which are passed on the same Test Report . Then I Said it to published This News to The People'sOpened  A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam-1478212198973-jpg
    It has been 11 Months I Have Filed A Second Appeal Against The Executive Engineering For Penalty & Compensation under R.T.I act 19 as well as Suspension of The Municipal Commissioner, Executive Engineer,Cashier

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    Congratulations. A great achievement at your age. Keep it up and take personal care of yourself. Do not wait for SIC decisions and make written complaint, enclosing such information and copies to superior officials of the organisation, make a complaint to ACB, and file complaint to State ministry also.
    RTI is a journey, a road and not a destination for the remedy.
    Use RTI for securing information and for finding a remedy use complaint/redressal of grievances on line portal or some other procedure.

    As you have also commenced for providing guidance to other members' issues, please go through RTI Act. IC can only recommend to the higher authorities for disciplinary action, and his role ends with that formal recommendation. Hence you can not expect that IC will order for suspension of cashier or Engineer. You can not get compensation on every issue. You have to establish personal loss to you due to non disclosure of such information to the satisfaction of IC and then only you can establish and claim such compensation. Not even in total 0.001% of appeals compensation was awarded. When ICs are scared to even impose penalty, forget about such compensation from public authority through IC decision in larger public interest appeals. If you claim compensation, then they may give you a color that you are unearthing the scams in anticipation of reward as informer also.

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    I have Also Given A Complaint to The ACB on 24th Feb 2016 Also Contact To The Deputy Commissioner & I.G Also But Still Their is Not A Satisfactory Answer By Them.
    Now They are Saying That Ur Case Has Been Sent To The PWD Ministers Office,Mumbai wait Till The Action to be taken

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  4. Re: Opened A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam

    You must be careful. Such contracts are awarded to the kith and kins of influential people having strong political support. You must, therefore, form an action committee (kruti samiti) of like minded people and move forward unitedly for follow up action.
    Satyameva Jayate सत्यमेव जयते

  5. Re: Opened A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam

    Never personally go and speak to any official and maintain low profile. No one should know your activity, as either they may endanger your life or brand you as extortionist. Be polite, develop connections with media and do your work quietly and always regard the family as first.

  6. Re: Opened A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam

    File RTI Application to PIO, ACB and seek information as follows:
    Brief facts: Applicant has filed a complaint on............against..............for investigation into the irregularities and was informed that the matter is referred to PWD Minister, Mumbai.
    Information solicited:
    1)Please provide a certified copy of extract of such notification/order/directive to complaint receiving official directing him for further process/action on complaint till logical end is reached.
    2.Please provide the covering letter addressed to PWD Minister, Mumbai enabling the applicant to take up the present status from PIO of concerned Ministry under RTI directly.
    3.Please inform the steps taken by you for the last 9 months and the process under which the complaint was forwarded to Minister, when investigation has to be taken as expeditiously as possible at ground level.

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    Re: Opened A 4,00,00,000/- (4Crore Rupees) Road Scam

    you have no doubt done a good job but RTI activists and news reporters covering corruption are prone to attack by the guilty so take care of yourself.


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