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    shaikh mohammed akram yasin
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    public trust

    I want to ask whether a college run by a public trust falls under the purview of rti act?

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    Re: public trust

    It has to provide information under RTI' Ask for grants it has received in previous years. Itz finance statement " details of syllabus 'staff details etc.

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    The yard stick is whether they have been receiving aid/grants from the school.
    Whether the trust is Registered with Registrar.
    You can seek that information provided to any Public Authority and in possession of that public authority. The college / trust must have reported that information to Public authority as their controlling and supervising authority.
    So much depends on the sort of information you require.
    Please post the exact information you wish to seek for more pin pointed guidance.

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    If the College or the concerned Trust receive substantial aid from the Govt. then they are directly covered under RTI and you can file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer of the College or the Trust as the case may be.

    However if they are not substantially aided / funded by Govt. then in that case you can still obtain information through the Charity Commissioner's Office where the trust has been registered.
    Please refer to the following link to learn more about it:

    How to get information of private entity under RTI?
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