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Thread: online RTI - Mode of reply

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    online RTI - Mode of reply

    For a RTI filed in online mode PIO replied only in mail. No signed hard copy or certified hard copy was not given by the PIO. Also the phocopy was scanned and sent in the mail ( for one item of information). Can PIO reply only by mail or he should send hard copy mandatory. Please provide me section under RTI to insist hard copy is to be sent even for online RTI.

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    Since you have submitted the RTI Application online, it is normal for the PIO to send his decision online.

    Did you seek certified copy of the information? If so, the PIO is required to supply certified copy i.e hard duly certified. Else, there is no infirmity in the decision of PIO in sending soft copy by email.

    If certified copy sought by you is not supplied, you may file First Appeal by physical mode to the designated first appellate authority within 30 days from the date of receipt of PIO's decision on the ground that the PIO failed to supply certified copy with a prayer to FAA to direct PIO to supply certified copy within 10 days from the date of decision of appeal.

    We always insist to send RTI Applications in physical mode i.e signed hard copy with proper RTI fee, by Speed Post to PIO. When you enjoy the comfort of sending it by sitting at your home, PIO shall also reply in same manner.
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    Re: online RTI - Mode of reply

    Reply must contain stamp of concerned office' PIO.

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    Re: online RTI - Mode of reply

    You can also use mail of PIO as proof if required

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    It seems that, you filed an online RTI application and the PIO in good faith provided information through e-mail.

    In case you require the same in a certified hard copy form then kindly reply to the PIO in the same e-mail and politely request for a certified hard copy of the information.
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