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Thread: Maharashtra: Frivolous queries irk officials

  1. Maharashtra: Frivolous queries irk officials

    "The information sought by such habitual applicants cannot be termed as public interest as the details are sought with the sole intention of either harassing us or settling scores with some third-party," said a senior government official, acting as public information officer (PIO), requesting anonymity.

    Read more at: Frivolous queries irk officials | Aurangabad News - Times of India

  2. Re: Maharashtra: Frivolous queries irk officials

    Thank God. No demand for 1) scrapping of entire Act on such reasons 2) insertion of another exemption clause 3)including the word "May" provide the information in Sec.7 and excluding 'Shall" and removal of time limit altogether.
    Why anonymity in giving such bold and frank opinions as a representative of all PIOs ?

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    Re: Maharashtra: Frivolous queries irk officials

    This is really funny.....

    1. Nowhere does the RTI Act specify that "only that information which is in larger public interest" can be sought under RTI.

    2. What do the officers / PIos mean by "habitual" ? is it an applicant with 5 applications ? 10 applications ?, 50 applications ?
    And over what period of time ?

    3. How does the PIO determine and conclude that information is being sought by the applicant is meant for harassing us or settling scores with some third-party ?

    If the PIOs were so confident why are they speaking anonymously ?
    Why dont they want to reveal their names and departments and cite specific examples ?
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  4. Re: Maharashtra: Frivolous queries irk officials

    Now that Hon IC reads opinion of Hon.CJK, now he may define 'larger public interest' and' habitual' and how "harassment" can be ruled.
    I meant professor in law, who has already given a decision to upload the name of such applicant, display the name and address in notice board, upload his information in PA website, but so far even one Public authority has followed the procedure stated by Professor to brand the appellant as 'habitual'.
    As I have shared my experience, one may not be surprised if the authorities frame such appellants in a criminal complaint, and plan to get him arrested without a bail in lower courts.


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