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Thread: Need information on compound wall construction

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    Need information on compound wall construction


    1.Central Government Warehouse is constructing compound wall near our area.Want to get their layout copy of warehouse,Sanctioned work order for compound construction,km of construction,budget,contract work details,funds allotted,name of site engineer,if its contract name of contractor and site engineer,warehouse officer responsible to supervise the work,amount disbursed for work

    2. Before construction of compound wall,they cleared all the bushes and cut down the trees,I need information on the officer and constractor like JCB,Lorries carrying the cut down trees and person who carried out the job of tree cutting and date of work,amount disbursed to him

    3..Also need RTI application to take sample of works.The construction will end within a week.Can I ask them to keep aside some samples like cement and rock bricks before work is completed?

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    Re: Need information on compound wall construction

    You may file RTI Applciation with the PIO of the Authority awarded the work for construction of Compound Wall by referring to sample, in below link, with modification to suit your requirement.

    >> RTI Application for Tender Documents [Right to Information Wiki]

    You can also file another RTI Applications and seek inspection by referring :

    For guidance in inspection of records, please refer to:

    How to inspect under rti (jps50)?
    (File Inspection)What Procedure to Follow? File Inspection
    Assistance in Inspection (jps50)- Blogs
    (Inspection of Files and take a copy)What Questions to ask? Inspection of Files and take a copy
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    Re: Need information on compound wall construction

    Thanks.Downloaded the documents.

    Is there any sample format for seeking samples of material used in construction of compound?

    Whats the quantity of material I should seek along with the approximate fees to be paid for samples?

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    Re: Need information on compound wall construction

    You can demand sample of any such material, if it is available and held by them by paying its price as may be advised by PIO. First apply for such sample giving list.
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