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Thread: Rti on cyber crime

  1. Rti on cyber crime

    Is that in India, there is many types of cyber crimes but there is no one no more knowledge about it. It's a new area. Where we first appeal to rti for any kind of cyber crime

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  2. Re: Rti on cyber crime

    First learn about RTI Act and go through Sec.2h, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 18,19.
    One can seek information from Public authorities under RTI Act. The designated official as Public Information officer must provide the information or deny information under RTI Act within 30 days from date of receipt of such application from citizen, who is called applicant in RTI.
    Only when Public information officer fails to respond within 30 days, the FIRST APPEAL under RTI Act has to be filed before designated superior officer known as First Appellate Authority.
    So, first you have to file application to CPIO, Ministry of Law, New Delhi and seek such information.
    It is not clear as to whether you wish to know about all such Cyber Crimes modus opereandi or preventive measures by Govt.

  3. Re: Rti on cyber crime

    Jai hind sir, heartiest thanks to you, that you reply my query. I m new rti activist( want to change society in only in right way,with truth) in that time.
    My self SWATANTRA KUMAR SHARMA from kanpur nagar. Working as primary head master in village.

    Thanking sir, jai hind

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  4. Re: Rti on cyber crime

    Please purchase RTI Act in Hindi for Rs.60/- (It is to be given free by voluntary organisations), then get a prescribed format of application to be used in your state as record, purchase adequate RTI fee.
    First identify the correct State public Information officer and public authority.
    Then fill up the application and make it simple, brief, precise and with more clarity,
    Confine information required not to exceed three to four points with one or two sentences in each point.
    Please post any thing you require on RTI in this forum, and our seniors, moderators will help you in each step and you can receive most authenticated information within hours of your post.
    All the best. Please understand your limitations as Head master in a Govt.School and village atmosphere, and in case of sensitive information, take assistance of your friend or relative from another town and always file applications in his name. (Signature should also be his and he should not disclose your name).
    All the best

  5. Re: Rti on cyber crime

    Again thank for your valuable guidance, I think the rti activist is like a detective also!! Well now I reboot my all effort. Sir will you be communicating with me, email id?

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  6. Re: Rti on cyber crime

    My dear friend,
    I am just a small man in the forum and just by reading a simple post, do not conclude, the forum is equipped with great experts above par and most helping in nature. Once you are the member, as far as RTI is concerned, you can rest assure that you can expect best guidance in the Country.

  7. Re: Rti on cyber crime

    एक महान वैज्ञानिक ने कहा है की एक छोटी सी ही वास्तु बड़ा बदलाव कर सकती है।।।।

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