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Thread: Call details of CUG mobile number

  1. Call details of CUG mobile number

    I'd like to seek information on call logs of Tahsildar's CUG official mobile number ( BSNL) .Is it permissible under RTI Act?

  2. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number

    File RTI Application with the PIO of the Tahsildar and seek the copy of the detailed bill of the official CUG phone of Tahsildar. The bill received by the public authority and paid is a public document and accessible under RTI Act.

    However, the service provider (BSNL) will not supply call details to third party being qualified for exemption under Sec-8(1)(j).
    Satyameva Jayate सत्यमेव जयते

  3. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number

    Earlier, it was a crucial official document that must be available as record on truck calls/Stds' made, and the concerned officer used to check the bill with actual calls made, and used to recover the amounts of personal calls, and during audit this exercise took hours together. Now, suddenly no one is calling for the bills, as certain amount has been fixed for individual mobile.
    To my knowledge, government never issued any directive asking them not to get call details or discontinued the old practice.
    If you have got a larger public interest in mind, first make a complaint against Tehasildar and make a request to concerned superior to call for details of the tehasildar to verify your complaint.
    Superior has to make atleast an attempt to get those details, and that becomes a part of their record.
    While filing application under RTI on action taken against your complaint, seek that call data copy also.
    This is a pucca procedure to get that document and remember only when you can establish a larger public interest and not mere doubt or suspicion.

  4. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number

    Prasad Ji,Thanks for the inputs.Could you pls elaborate on the complaint part in your answer.I could not get these "first make a complaint against Tehasildar and make a request to concerned superior to call for details of the tehasildar to verify your complaint"

    What if the bill paid is not an itemised bill with no call details

  5. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number

    Tell me why you want the information.
    I presume that it is not for your personal matter,
    may be to establish some violation or corruption or some contacts that is not in Public interest.
    Just for fun or for sake of RTI, no one needs any information.
    There should be some ultimate and bonafide purpose.
    Mention the doubts/suspicions on functions and suggest in the complaint about his deeds and ask superior to verify call data to confirm his links.
    (We have to presume some things, when member wishes to hide/conceal facts. We respect our members and we always think that information of our members are only for larger public interest. I do not know whether I am mistaken)

  6. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number

    To be honest, I never think that call details are personal information of subscriber. This is infact a record with service provider and mere mentioning a name of another caller is not invasion on privacy or endangers the life of subscriber, particularly in case of Government used phones. Nothing is personal in Govt affairs, and at the maximum service provider/public authority has to invoke Sec.11 before refusing such information.
    Really, I have not come across arguments to state that Govt. communications with citizens/stake holders are personal information.
    I very much wished that this issue should be escalated to second appeal to CIC, but could not find such attempts.

  7. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number


    I just wanted to establish the links between Tehsil and Sand Mafia group.

    Apart from complaint procedure,can i go ahead and file an RTI with BSNL for call details and proceed with CIC second appeal

  8. Re: Call details of CUG mobile number

    Some body should bell the cat. I have expressed my opinion that these records are not personal in nature. BSNL at the most take their opinion. If you can establish LPI, PIO has to part with the information, as there is no such decision so far that the Govt. Phone call record is personal in nature. Perceive, pave the way to others. Lead by example by taking this as challenge. When Govt is paying bills, how can they say that it is personal information ? Fight it out at any cost through RTI.
    The experts in the forum are with you. Whenever you feel take guidance. I am certain that you can come out Call record of Public Authorities was never treated as personal information so far.
    File with Tehasildar and also to BSNL.
    If the tehasildar denies in First appeal we can file another RTI Application seeking information of such copy of Circular/ guideline/order/notification that state that BSNL call details is a personal record of Tehasildar.

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