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Thread: Information on Speed and Registered Post

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    Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    I had checked some time back with the SPC Hyderabad and was informed that the data is only kept for 6 months from the date of posting - for those articles which have been successfully delivered.

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  2. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    You are absolutely right sir. But there is a system of old data preservation through other permanent system at Hub.

  3. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    Got a quick reply from CPIO for the above filed RTI query

    PIO Reply: Information could not be supplied as it is not in material form.

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  4. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    Go for first appeal, as no where they have mentioned that the records were destroyed or stated the data stands deleted.
    Submit that the data is certainly available in material form in all systems and delivery schedules are hard copies available with delivering post offices. Complain that PIO denied information deliberately and misguided.
    File another RTI to same CPIO and seek information as follows:
    Brief facts..To my RTI Application dt.............CPIO denied information on ............. with the following clause.
    "Information could not be supplied as it is not available in material form"

    Information solicited:
    1)Please provide as to how the information is stored and provide the copy of such circular /government order that states about preservation of that data, Authority with whom such data is available in material form.
    2)Please inform the exact meaning of of "Not available in material form" and if it is not in material form, the way the information can be secured from such non material form.

  5. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    Sure Sir,Thanks

    Will file First Appeal immediately.Very interesting to see PIO replying within 3-4 days and FAA also would probably reply within 3-4 days.

  6. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    Also ask your friend to file FRESH RTI in a different state or in different district and ask him to obtain the following information.
    Information solicited:
    1)Please provide as to how data/record of Registered and Speed post are being preserved, and provide a copy of such circular/GO on preservation of such data.
    2)Please inform the procedure to get that information on records in electronic form for the data between 2015 to 2017.
    3)Please inform the laid down procedure for periodical deletion of data and registers to be maintained by various authorities while deleting/destroying such data on Regd / speed posts.
    (Ensure that PIO and FAA are different)

    Also read the blog in the forum on missing records / destruction of records and identify suitable points.
    Also please post this as grievance in Indiapost pgportal stating that the concerned post office is not providing the data of Registered Post/Speed post from 2015 to 2017 stating such material is not available. There is point if it is stated that old record is not available, but as far as 2017 year records are concerned they should provide that data which is not deleted / destroyed and still available on date of RTI Application.

    This is a difficult task. You are pulling a mountain with a hair strand. If the mountain is not coming, the waste is just one strand of hair as expenses or time, but you will be learning and can become expert in RTI, if you fight in one issue till logical end is reached. Your experience will not only help you but you will become authority on such issues and can guide others.

  7. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    Sir, Shall I send the RTI you have suggested on my name instead of my friend and send it to a PIO of different State.Is there any risk? Please advice

  8. Re: Information on Speed and Registered Post

    Filing of RTI application and seeking information is a RIGHT given by statute to every citizen, there is neither risk nor it is a crime.
    I have suggested a different name as they maintain a hub and upload RTI Applications and to avoid mentioning in your name.
    There is nothing wrong in filing RTI Application to any PIO .
    When one query is posted, generally we suggest two alternates and implement the guidance step by step and take steps to follow the guidance.
    I am more concerned as you have not filed this as grievance in pgportal, which is more quick and responsive than RTI.
    Please post it now, as rush will be less and you can get the portal immediately. (First prepare the information part ready, AADHAR CARD NO ready, then open the portal, click lodge grievance, then click accepting terms and conditions and you will go to application part, start from State or Central Govt and then go to Ministry Postal dept and lode claim. Attach the grievance as PDF attachment. or simply copy and paste the same in that column.

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