MUMBAI: State information commissioner Suresh Joshi has summoned Navi Mumbai police commissioner, Ramrao Wagh, for an explanation after learning that an officer in his department had dismissed 74 appeals under the Right to Information Act without hearing arguments in a single case.
Joshi summoned Wagh following a complaint from a Vashi resident, who learnt from the public information officer in the Navi Mumbai police commissionerate that the department had not heard a single RTI appeal till date.

An appeal is filed by RTI applicants when the original query is rejected by the PIO or if the applicant is not satisfied with the PIO's replies. The appeal is then heard by an appellate authority, a designated officer in the same department.

"RTI appeals can be disposed of without hearing if the appellate authority is satisfied with the written argument. But in this case, looking at the volume of cases, there are real doubts that the appellate authority has disposed of appeals without even looking into the case details," information commissioner Suresh Joshi told TOI.

29 Oct 2007
Viju B,TNN