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Thread: Big Dumping yard in hyderabad

  1. Big Dumping yard in hyderabad

    Is there any maximum time for dumping yards in specific location? Ground water and air is polluted . people ​ living around dumping yard are getting different types of skin diseases, I heard that there is limited number of years for yard at one place?if that was true how can I make govt to remove yard which​ is close proximity to residential area

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    You can file RTI Application to Pollution Control Board, within whose jurisdiction the dump yard is used and can solicit entire application, permissions, enclosures, copy of affidavits from them. Search website of Pollution Board to locate Public Information Officer, format of application and fees as prescribed .

    Bring a collective movement by making all victims as a group, file signed petitions to Collector / Revenue authorities, Ministers, MLA and MP of that area. High light through Media with photographs and if possible as a short film or documantary.

    After getting all necessary documents, after making this news known to every body, contact an Advocate and through him file Public Interest Litigation through AP High Court Legal Services Committee.
    You can not stop this immediately or even after one year. This is a struggle to be taken. If you are fortunate, you may get a recycling / power generation plant as relief.

  3. Re: Big Dumping yard in hyderabad

    Does writing to PMO would be make

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  4. Re: Big Dumping yard in hyderabad

    The complaint has to be filed at appropriate place.
    If PMO means Prime Minister's office,
    It is a wasteful and useless exercise
    to disturb PMO for a local problem.
    PMO is just a post office, who resends your representation to the concerned.
    When a query is posted, members try to reply in appropriate way, and the member who posted the query thinks that he knows every thing and has his own ideas, it is left to him to follow his own way, instead of posting a query and seeking guidance in the forum.


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