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Thread: How to write RTI to passport office

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    How to write RTI to passport office


    I am a honeytrap victim and for legal purposes I wish to access if a person has a passport in her name currently.

    I do know that she applied for passport 2years back and I wish to access a copy of the application and what proof she furnished for address proof, as she gave my house as her address (to simplify).

    Should I address to Passport office for this information ? Can anyone please provide me with details of the format and to whom to address for this information.

    Thanks and Best Regards

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    Re: How to write RTI to passport office

    You can not get such details under RTI , as this particular information was treated as personal information of a third party (this includes spouse)
    Proceed in Private Detective appointment or seeking such information through Court.
    If I remember well, the rented building was taken in both of your names and the present deed copy was with police.
    Please let me remind once again, focus on issues that bring a relief for the charges against you with one stroke. Do not divert your time, energy, thinking on those points with may bring some information from some others at a later date, which may not fully help.
    Go for CCTV Footage, obtain duplicate receipts from Agra etc., Seek CCTV footage from Restaurants, Seek SMS copies from Service providers (if some invitations or some S talk is reflected in those messages by your so called accuser)

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    Re: How to write RTI to passport office

    Hello Prasad,

    I am thinking on getting the copy of my rental agreement from police. I can apply RTI to get this information but if they nicely deny that they ever collected such a document I will be in trouble. So i am also exploring alternate ways to collect this information.

    I thought she might have furnished the copy of rental agreement in passport application. As she tried to get passport by giving this address in 2015. The passport office must have the copy of rental agreement or at least the address she furnished which can be used as proof if they provide info via RTI, but as you said I will wait for this information via court or via private detective.

    The girl is uneducated so no sms's, only calls. CCTV footage of 3yrs old can be get from restaurants ? I have the copy of Delhi/Agra hotel bills.

    Thanks and Best Regards

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    Re: How to write RTI to passport office

    For passport purposes, just providing address proof is enough. It may be either AADHAR, Bank pass book or some others. PPO may not need such rental agreement.
    In case of doubts only, Police may seek such agreement only for verification purpose.
    I have mentioned possibilities. If you know the Hotels, just sending a mail or writing a letter may not cost a heavens, but one has to make all inexpensive efforts.
    I have assured you that she can not book you under RAPE now as per SC judgments, at the most she can state that you have deceived her in the name of marriage only and she needs to file a separate complaint. Contact your advocate to get confirmation of my opinion (Your present advocate knows all this, and hence remaining silent, till she comes forward with such step) Focus on your career. Every thing will be settled in due course. None of your fears may be facts of tomorrow.


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