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Thread: RTILikho : Nonprofit for promoting RTI launched

  1. RTILikho : Nonprofit for promoting RTI launched

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Amar and I am happy to announce the launch of RTILikho, a nonprofit venture which seeks to educate and enable the citizens of India to make full use of their Right to Information. Accessible at xxx it can be used by citizens, journalists, activists and lawyers to file both regular and anonymous RTI applications to any govt department in India.

    At RTILikho our goal is to build a community centric organization that can morph into a powerful think tank which perhaps will help improve RTI and related laws. The first step towards achieving said goal is the creation of various community platforms where citizens, activists, journalists and lawyers can come together and share their knowledge, experiences, collaborate with one another etc. Some of these are already operational and include : a chat server for real time discussions, a discussion forum for long post based conversations and a blog where we shall invite notable activists to post opinion pieces along with other articles related to RTI

    In extremely simple terms we help people file RTI applications. Although the online filing service provided by us is a paid service due to the associated cost, we also help people file manual RTI applications for free. Drop us a message using any of the methods listed on the contact page at our website and our team will respond as soon as possible.

    For us to achieve our goals we require the help of people like yourselves. We are looking for collaborators who can become a part of our organization and help us realize our vision. If you are an activist, we welcome you to contribute to our blog. Our discussion platforms require moderators and community builders. We would love to work with social entrepreneurs amongst you on the future of this venture and other projects in the pipeline. If you feel you can contribute to RTILikho in any way possible do write to us and we would be happy to discuss the same with you.

    RTILikho is an initiative by Exoton Foundation (CIN U85100PB2016NPL045817), a nonprofit working to eliminate various civic justice and social issues. RTILikho is the very first venture by the Foundation and several other projects are underway. The foundation has not received any donations and external funding till date.

    P.S I did not post any links except the main website because of the forum rules. Just search RTILikho in Google if you are interested in the organization.

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    Members from the forum wish your venture a great success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.N. Prasad View Post
    Members from the forum wish your venture a great success.
    Thank you good Sir.
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    We all wish you success in your venture

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    Respected fonder member,
    I wish you success in the venture. Although a no. of forums are running but few could earn reputation. It is only when we don't improve the quality & our vision is small. It is a mission. Rise to occasion, charge cost with transparency. You mst have gone through this site & found that it has developed a lot within a short period & never looked back. Create hyperlink with judgments with their due permissions.
    Again, wish you success.

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    @deepakdang Thank you for your wishes. is doing well and we don't feel the need to create an alternative forum. Forum is lowest on our priority list. As a legal nonprofit what we really care about is the promotion of our objectives that is to help more people write RTIs. There are other areas we would like to work on. For e.g. Working with activists and journalists on stories that expose wrongdoing. Provide technical, and perhaps financial support in the future to whistleblowers and activists. In fact once we forge a solid foundation, we would love partner with other organizations that have similar goals as ours which includes rtiindia.
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