I applied for fresh passport. Online status something like "Police verification no clear" So, I go through the "regional passport office" and made inquiry. They told me that you live in Ahmadabad city from past 1.5 Year. I agreed. So, You have to submit current address proof where you living.

I basically from Sabarkanth, Gujarat. As I told from past 1.5 Year live in Ahmadabad,Gujarat on rental bases because of JOB purpose. So, I don't have any proof which having contain my name. As per RPO employee I give my bank statements. They accept and give me again police verification also told me to submit penalty. Now what purpose of penalty charges of 5000/- ? I don't give them wrong information or any dummy documents or any illegal action me.

I truly give my permanent address all proof but based on my job where I live that will not fix in future. I accept need current address proof.

Why penalty charges they apply