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Thread: First Appeal Time Limit for multiple CPIO's

  1. First Appeal Time Limit for multiple CPIO's

    In case of RTI application transferred to multiple CPIO's ,what would be the time limit for First Appeal?

  2. Re: First Appeal Time Limit for multiple CPIO's

    Infact, no FAA is really bothered about such frame, as appellant can always pray for condoning of the delay, and it has to be considered. In case of multiple PIOs, there is sufficient reason for condoning the delay.
    First appeal has to be filed if there is no response from PIO within 30 days from date of receipt.
    The date of receipt of such transfer should be the date for calculating the limitation period.
    So within 30 days from date of receipt of such transfer, PIO has to provide the information.
    First appeal can be filed maximum after 35 days after receiving such intimation of transfer.

    Time and again, we have been advising to focus on the main issue information and not to distract attention on petty issues. If the information has to be collected and compiled from different PIOS, it is not the job of one PIO, as he is not supposed to collect and compile the information.
    Only when the subject matter or part of subject matter is with other Public authority, we use the word "transfer" to another public authority.
    Generally we say that application was sent to relevant PIO in case of same public authority.
    If the information is spread to various PIOs, then it is the duty of applicant to file different applications to individual PIOs.
    This guidance was given on the basis of CIC decision, wherein one PIO was asked information of several post offices,
    and If I remember / guess correctly you wanted to know about agricultural loan waiver in TN which has to be provided from different offices.


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