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Thread: FAA forwarded the appeal to PIO to reply

  1. FAA forwarded the appeal to PIO to reply

    The PIO did not transfer my application to one of the concerned departments and gave a reply to me from only one of the related deptartments which was incomplete and appears to be malafied on the 28th day.

    I have filed First Appeal before the FAA and received an acknowledgment of the same from FAA where FAA has asked the PIO to reply pointwise to the First appeal to him with a copy to the appealant which was to be sent before a certain date.

    I have not yet received any copy of the same which should have reached me if it was sent on the date it was supposed to be sent.

    1.Can the FAA go on with the hearing without the receipt of pointwise reply from PIO?

    2.What should i do? Should i go to the hearing without the receipt of the PIO's pointwise reply?

  2. Re: First appeal - Summon for hearing

    Single point clarification required is: Whether you are happy and satisfied with FAA order to Provide information to Applicant point wise or not ?
    Infact one appears in person or not, one appreciates such decision / order as it saved the time / expenses of appellant, as FAA has decided on merits of your first appeal.

    2.When FAA has ordered for providing of information, your first appeal still remains open, wait till the due date, and file addendum to first appeal stating that PIO has not obeyed the directions of his superior and malafidely not provided information.

    Have patience and perseverance and try to get information before going to second appeal.

  3. Re: FAA forwarded the appeal to PIO to reply

    FAA has only called the para-wise comments from the PIO and directed him to endorse copy of the comment to you also. FAA has not decided your First Appeal. You need to appear for hearing only when the FAA call you for such hearing. FAA has 30 days time in normal course or 45 days' time for reasons to be recorded in writing, for deciding the first appeal. After 30 days, send a reminder to FAA stating that the PIO has not endorsed the copy of parawise remarks to you with a request to decide the appeal within time limit.
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  4. Re: First appeal - Summon for hearing

    The PIO had to ensure sending of the pointwise reply to PIO and appealant before the 15th July,regarding the 1st appeal which he has not done.
    Now, tomorrow ie 20th July i have to go for hearing and i dont know what will be the PIO's reply over the points of the first appeal and therefore i am unaware and feel unprepared for the hearing. Its my first time facinf any hearing.

    Please guide.......

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    Re: FAA forwarded the appeal to PIO to reply

    Tomorrow, suppose you are handed over a written reply in First appeal hearing, you can:

    1. Submit oral reply if you are confident or/ also

    2. Seek 3-4 days time from FAA to submit your written reply.

  6. Re: FAA forwarded the appeal to PIO to reply

    Dear all,

    I got a reply on 1st appeal by PIO today.
    The reply seems to be malafide.
    I've compiled a file with point wise data for rti request, its reply, its remarks for 1st appeal and the rely from PIO on the 1st appeal. The same is attached.

    How should i go about it in the hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

    Need your valuable suggestions at the earliest please.

    With Best Regards
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  7. Re: FAA forwarded the appeal to PIO to reply

    It appears that you are not reading the replies given.
    The single point to be discussed is as to whether PIO has provided Relevant,correct and complete information, point wise as solicited in RTI Application.
    If not, prepare a statement in the following format in duplicate, read the contents again and again and if asked of reasons for your dissatisfaction, orally inform to FAA such points, handover the written submissions and get acknowledgment.

    Written submissions filed by ......................................, Appellant before FAA of.................................during personal hearing on.......for first appeal dt................
    Information solicited..............Provided by PIO............Specific reasons as to why the information is not proper
    Point wise, use bold and different fonts with underlining on those points for which you have not received correct/complete information.
    General : On delay of reply, such malafide reasons etc.,
    1. RTI Application dt............which was received by PIO must be responded within 30 days, whereas PIO has not provided any response till filing of first appeal dt.....

    The burden of providing that he has provided complete and correct information is on PIO, and you can go with out any tensions and with good preparation, and behave politely, focusing only on information. All the best.


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