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Thread: Do we have RTI in ICICI bank

  1. Do we have RTI in ICICI bank

    Does ICICI bank is covered under RTI Act ?

  2. Re: Do we have RTI in ICICI bank

    ICICI Bank is a private bank and not a public authority under RTI Act. Please also refer to the discussions in the thread : RTI in UTI Bank
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  3. Re: Do we have RTI in ICICI bank

    ICICI BANK is not within RTI Act. However, you can obtain information, which the RBI can seek from ICICI Bank under RBI Act. You can file application with RBI under RTI Act.In case of mobile service providers, we can get the information, which TRAI can access under other laws from service providers. TRAI is covered by RTI Act. I think there is judgement of Gujarat IC for trai.
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    The answer give by you is informative. And very much happy with it.

    I will proceed through RBI against ICICI

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    Re: Do we have RTI in ICICI bank

    I am Raghunath. 1st applicant (my son C. SARATH CHANDRA) and me as 2nd applicant, by pledging the property document, applied home loan in April 2004. In June it got sanctioned and the 1st installment was disbursed. But my son met with an accident and died on June 28, 2004. When we approached the ICICI Bank to refund the 1st installment amount, the Bank officials told that the 1st applicant is covered by a free accident insurance coverage and gave us an insurance claim from (that of National Insurance). We submitted the claim from, supported by all the required documents on August 2004. For a few months there was no feedback. On our follow-up the Bank sent us a letter in Dec. 2005 , stating that ‘the captioned policy is not admissible under the terms and conditions of the policy’. Further advised that no prepayment charges will be levied in case we foreclose the loan. We requested them to give us a copy of the policy and its terms and conditions. But till date they have not given.

    On this case I sought information from RBI under section 2 f of rti act 2005, requesting to get from ICICI.
    But to my utter disgust, the PIO, DBS/RBI informed that they can not get it. Pl see the queries asked by me. Can any body comment on this so as to guide me

    1. When ever a home loan is sanctioned, whether the ICICI Bank / Or its subsidiary ICICI Home Finance offers free accident insurance coverage or not. If so ..

    a) Who are all covered? All applicants?
    b) Generally, what will be insured sum.
    c) What are the terms & conditions.
    d) Are there any clauses applicable for coverage?

    2. For the above referred case, free accident coverage is available are not?

    If answer for the above is ‘yes’,

    a) Who were given free insurance coverage, whether my son (1st applicant) and
    me (2nd applicant ).
    b) What is the insured sum?
    c) Are there any clauses?
    d) What are the terms & Conditions?

    If answer for the above is ‘NO’,

    a) What are reasons for not insuring the applicants?

    3. Whether the ICICI Bank received the insurance claim form put up by me. If so when? What was the action initiated.

    4. During April – December 2005 a number of letters (some by registered post with ack due./courier, both to the Hyderabad office and its HO at Mumbai) were sent to the ICICI Bank, inviting the their attention to the case and the delay caused.

    a) Whether the ICICI Bank received them?
    b) If so, Whether the ICICI Bank initiated any action. If so the details.
    c) Whether any reply was sent to me. (Dec. 9, 2005 I have.) Other than that, any other letters/notices/intimations dated before and/or after Dec. 9, 2005. If so, when? I need the copies of letter(s), along with the particulars of mode of dispatch.

    5. The ICICI Bank in Feb. 2008 filed a case against me in Lok Adalat, Hyderabad. What was the directive given by the Judge of the Lok Adalat to the ICICI Bank Official, Mr. T.V. Rajamohan, Manager (Recoveries), ICICI Home Finance, ICICI Bank, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

    Whether the ICICI Bank or The above official complied with the directive given? If so, what was the action and its details. I need a copy of the same

    6. When I filed a complaint the Banking Ombudsman, Hyderabad against the ICICI Bank, in April 2008 my application was rejected based on the ICICI Bank’s reply given to the notice of Ombudsman, that the case is pending with Lok Adalat.

    I need a copy the ICICI Bank’s letter/response given to the Banking Ombudsman.

    7. Whether the ICICI Bank had transferred the case to M/S ARCIL. If so, whether the Bank has sent any intimation/notice to me. If, so a copy is needed, along with the particulars of mode of dispatch.

    8. Disgusted with the attitude of the ICICI bank, in December 2009 my brother C. Ravindranath, gave email representation of the total case to the MD-CEO of ICICI Ms. Chand Kochhar. With in two days there was response from Ms. Payal Benearji, Senior Manager Service Quality of the ICICI Bank requesting for for the total details of the whole case. The same was sent immediately. Subsequently, the same official in her email informed that the case is proposed for closing and was put up to top management, and said it may take a few weeks. This was in March, 2010.

    What is the status of the case and what is the decision of the Management.


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