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Thread: how to frame rti against police

  1. how to frame rti against police

    A.S.I. police stopped our work in middle while we were constructing roof slab of our shop without any stay order on complaint from colony people by taking bribe and now when I asked to show the stay order he refused as he didn't had. After that again I visited him for copy of the document or complaint but he refused. How can I file rti demanding a copy of that complaint on basis of which he made us to stop the work.

  2. Re: how to frame rti against police

    RTI is not for framing charges.
    This is a serious litigation problem and concerned with rights of individuals.
    If you have obtained prior permission and building as per approvals, you can file a complaint against such police
    at proper forum of Human Rights or Lokayukt, and they can treat this as seriious
    and are having powers to take against such over action by police.
    You can just file RTI application to SPIO, of that police station and can seek information as follows:
    Information solicited:
    1.Please provide me the copy of orders / complaints basing on which the construction of roof slab of shop belonging to...... was obstructed by police at Building in Ward No........of locality.

    Search website of Police to locate PIO, format of application and fees to be remitted under RTI.

    You can also file this as grievance in on line portal of the District Police.

    All this only if you have prior approval and sanctions by competent authority, if not do not open that pandora's box yourself before authorities. When you know pretty well that he can not stop your construction when you have proper sanctions and approvals. Only when you are not having such sanctions, police do help the public and Government as part of their duty.

  3. Re: how to frame rti against police

    Do I have any threat from police or A.S.I. ?

  4. Re: how to frame rti against police

    You have posted this thread, first provide whether the construction you have been making is duly permitted or not.
    If you have due approvals and permission, when it is legal you need not care about action against even from President of India,
    If you are constructing ignoring and defying the laid down norms, you have to fear for mosquitoes also.


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