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Thread: Kakching Municipal Council, Manipur demands higher amount of Security Deposit

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    Kakching Municipal Council, Manipur demands higher amount of Security Deposit

    I am an owner of a wooden stall shop allotted by Kakching Municipal Corporation, Kakching, Manipur and have been running since about 30 years. Recently the corporation starts to build up a new pucca shop (area size 11 x 8.5' ) nearby the wooden shops and the councillors of the corporation informed me to pay an amount of Rs. 5.37 lakhs as deposit for shifting to the new pucca building when after completion of the pucca shop and they will destruct the old wooden shops. I have no enough money to pay the deposit. They never consult me / us (owner of the wooden stalls) before starting build up the pucca, if I / we can afford or not for a the pucca shop. The construction is not under any government plan or sanction, only the aim is they will get profit from the allottees by collecting more amount over the necessary security deposit. In this matter, I want to know from the concern authorities that what are the rules of deposits for any government properties or assets which are allotted to the public individuals. And I want to face the councillors profit earning acts.

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    File a RTI application with the Public Information Officer of the Kakching Municipal Corporation and seek a photocopy as follows:

    Description of Information Required:

    1. Please provide a certified photocopy of Rules, Regulations, Circular, Policy, Guidelines, Government Resolution (GR), Provision in an Act or any other such provisions in a law for the time being in force, wherein has been noted the criteria & procedure for destruction of old wooden shops and construction of new pucca shops.
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    First stop worrying. Contact a local banker, and ask him to advance for the deposit to corporation as a loan repayable with 8% rate of interest as you are an artisan and wants it towards capital and ask him to deduct interest alone in monthly installments and give the Bank an undertaking that if at all the deposit is refundable it will be refunded by Corporation to Bank. The bank can easily provide this facility and they can demand corporation to issue a receipt in the Name of Bank a/c artisan.
    For example if SBI is willing to advance that amount, they will directly pay to corporation in your name, and collects such receipt from corporation and the receipt will be issued in the name of SBI A/c...Ibotombi...
    Thus there is no loss for you, for the corporation and for the bank. You have to pay only interest and if you can pay in 120 monthly installments entire deposit is yours as saving and helps your children to continue the shop.
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    If you have any problem in understanding my reply, get a hard copy and show it to Manager of any Bank.


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