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Thread: Candidates can't file RTI on Bar Council exam (Delhi)

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    Candidates can't file RTI on Bar Council exam (Delhi)

    Candidates appearing for AIBE have been barred from filing any RTI related to the examination. Candidates have also been asked to “unconditionally” agree to bear the entire cost of litigation arising out of the examination, if the candidate loses the case.

    Read more at: Students livid as they can’t file RTI on Bar Council exam | The Sunday Guardian

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Candidates can't file RTI on Bar Council exam (Delhi)

    Till now I used to term the the "Bench" (ie the Judiciary) as the worst violator of RTI Act 2005.

    Now, have to also add the "Bar" to this category.

    What kind of Bar Association is this which does not even understand that you cannot bar anyone from filing a RTI application to seek application - with a mere undertaking.

    Someone should challenge this in court.
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    Re: Candidates can't file RTI on Bar Council exam (Delhi)

    That is the attitude of an organisation of learned members, that challenges each and every move of Govt, but they do not like to get same treatment from affected parties like candidates.
    May be, there must be some disgruntled elements even within the organisation or may be the Hon.Higher courts take it suo motu for such mandatory conditions.
    I am not surprised, if it becomes a precedent, and within a week you may hear such notifications, as this condition was introduced by highly learned intellectuals.
    I presume that candidates may not care for such condition now, and allow such denial and then they may challenge it in Court. Can any one impose the conditions that are not legally enforceable, and later state that you have agreed for such conditions. I don't think so, it holds no water. No one can impose such conditions against law or rights.


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