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  1. Speed breaker

    I have been travelling and i love travelling but the thing that disappoints me is the size of speed breaker over India is different some are big some are small although small isnít a problem but big(huge) are the problem because the owner like me of car who loves sedan cars whenever we pass over the speed breaker it hits the underside of the car.
    So i just wanted to know is there any fixed size of speed breaker ?

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    There are specifications for speed breakers, just google and you can find NHAI specifications. But, in practice, no one is following. Hope that car manufacturers may compel Government to go for alternatives like pasting the illusion of a speed breaker, as being implemented in other countries. If the problem is regular, get that specification downloaded and complain to authority about violating specifications. Wait for a month and seek information under RTI on action taken against your complaint.

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    Re: Speed breaker

    I agree but there is problem .
    Problem is nothing but how to complain against those high-level municipal or any kind of companies related to this road construction?Speed breaker

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    You are a citizen and tax payer. You have every right to question any authority, as they have been working for citizens and being paid by Government. Why should one pay Road tax for using one's vehicle ? It may also be possible, that minor incidents may not reach higher authorities and it is the duty of citizen to bring these laid down stipulations to attention of concerned. If every one thinks against complaining, the situation remains as it is and there is no use in bringing this to attention in open forum, when remedy is in your hands.

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    Re: Speed breaker

    Thanks a lot

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    First learn about the laid down official specifications / norms and the concerned authority for implementing such specifications / norms (most likely the concerned Municipality),

    Then practically find out the ground reality as to whether these specifications have been followed or not,

    If not, then file a written complaint with the concerned authority clearly bringing out the discrepancy between laid down specifications and ground reality.

    Wait for a few days and then file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the concerned public authority to seek information on the action taken on your complaint (enclose a photocopy of the complaint with such a RTI application), this should set the ball rolling, get the authorities to take notice of your issue and work on it.

    For help on drafting a RTI application for the above purpose (i.e. to seek information on action taken by the concerned public authority) please refer to the blog on the following link:

    How to seek information on action taken on a complaint filed with a public authority?
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  7. Re: Speed breaker

    Indian Road Congress (IRC) is the nodal agency which laid down Norms and Specifications for Speed Breakers.

    Please refer to :

    These have been subsequently adopted with certain modifications. Agencies constructing and maintaining roads must follow these norms. In Maharashtra, the Bombay High Court, about a decade ago issued directives to demolish speed breakers not confirming to the IRC norms, which was complied with by the Municipal Corporations.
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