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Thread: lawyers of rti

  1. lawyers of rti

    kindly inform me the addresses of knowledgeable lawyers of rti as i have to file petition in the central information commission,new delhi.

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    Re: lawyers of rti

    Mr Sumit sharma in CIC lawyers is not allowed to represent the appeal/complaints. You may please discuss your case in forum or may enrol social workers to represent the case.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: lawyers of rti

    Mr Summit Sharma,
    Why don't you get a copy of the RTI Act and read it. It is too simple and people-friently an Act our Parliament has bestowed on us. In case you need any clarification after reading the Act repeat reading Act, there are so many of us in this forum who will only be too happy to render their guidance. Of cource FREE OF CHARGE.

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    Re: lawyers of rti

    In CIC lawyers is not allowed to represent the appeal/complaints.
    Hello sumitsharma19746,

    Contrary to what sngupta suggested above you can always engage lawyers if you so wish. Even Ms. Aruna Roy engages them when things get too hot to handle.

    Have a look at the recent decision at CIC.

    But you should heed to the suggestions of Colonel Kurup first, before engaging expensive lawyers.


  5. Re: lawyers of rti

    Hello Sumit Sharmaji,

    I detect a certain antipathy towards lawyers because of some of the comments posted above. While I wholeheartedly agree that you will find very-very useful and friendly suggestions here on this discussion forum, I am of the view that hiring an attorney is not all that a bad thing. There are several situations and reasons why paying an attorney is worth it, for example:

    1. You do not have the time to go through RTI Act, prior decisions of CIC in cases like yours, and time to discuss the case here in this forum and formulate a strategy.

    2. You do not have the ability to present your case in front of a panel of people in a clear articulate manner.

    3. You do not have temperament to deal with the opponents, you get angry too easily, you have been harassed enough and are ready to kill the other person

    So go ahead and hire an attorney, they need work too ! lol

    Satish Gupta
    An attorney

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    Re: lawyers of rti

    Dear Shri Siddhartha,
    I am giving a link here in which CIC wrote me not to engage the lawyer. Call.jpg.

  7. Re: lawyers of rti

    Dear Shri Gupta,
    I think you have not interpreted the contents of your communication correctly. The commission has no where used the words "should not / shall not" in their communication, which alone can expressly prohibit the appearance of a lawyer. They have only communicated that "an authorised representative who may not be a practising lawyer. The main requirement here is a due authorisation to represent the complainant/petitioner and such an authorised person may or may not be a pracitsing lawyer.
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  8. Re: lawyers of rti

    Dear Shri Gupta:

    Mr. Ganpat is absolutely right. CIC was trying to make it clear that your representative may or may not be an attorney. I think their language caused a little confusion.

    You have to read their letter in context of the overall functioning of CIC and such other quasi-judicial proceedings. Petitioners are ALWAYS allowed to be represented by their attorneys. In some proceedings, a petitioner CAN NOT be represented by someone else who is not an attorney. ( The petitioner can always represent himself, but cannot be represented by a person who is not an attorney, in such proceedings.)

    CIC has made a very good decision to allow petitioners to be represented by people who are not attorneys. This does not and can not take away the right of petitioners to be represented by attorneys.

    Satish Gupta

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