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Thread: Informations related to private bodies may be taken from any Govt. Controlling agency.

  1. Nile,
    In one of my earlier replies to you during Feb. I had posted to you the RBI's link for credit cards. Now it appears that the said link has not helped you much. Probably your query relates to obtention of information only and not complaint against the card issuing company. In that case you can think of trying the following method.

    Make an application to the PIO of SBI in the following format:

    1.Is the SBI Card, a subsidiary company of SBI?
    2. If the answer to the above is yes, then, the PIO of SBI is requested to furnish the following information on SBI Cards, under any one of the following options, that suits him depending on the regulatory and supervisory role of SBI over SBI cards.
    (i) The SBI PIO may immediately transfer my application to SBI cards, if the SBI card is better connected with the information and also falls within the definition of Public Authority under the RTI Act.
    (ii) The SBI PIO may seek the "assistance of the appropriate officer in SBI cards" to obtain the information and reply me .
    (iii).The SBI may use its controlling and regulatory power to lawfully access the information sought by me and pass on the same to me.

    After the above preamble, list the questions for which you seek information on SBI cards.

    My suggestions above are listed on the basis of a landmark judgement by CIC dated 30.11.2006 in the matter of appeal by Shri Sarbajit Roy against Delhi Electric Regulatory Commission. I am also providing link for that 34-page exhaustive decision here:

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  2. Re: Is it possible to ask information from a public Limited company

    Quote Originally Posted by nile0611 View Post
    I has taken a matter under RTI regarding my credit card with State bank of india credit card. I received answer that SBICPL is private limited company incorporated under the provision of the companies act 1956 and is registered as non-banking financial company under the Reserve bank of india 1934.
    I would like to know whether i can fetch the information form RBI directly for my credit card.
    There have been some recent developments on this issue. In a recent case, the CIC has given the following directions to SBI:

    The CPIO/AA of SBI is hereby directed to provide detailed comments on the following points within 15 days of receipt of this direction:

    <DIR><DIR>(i) Why SBI Cards cannot be treated as public authority as provided under section 2(h) of the RTI Act;

    (ii) In case SBI Cards is treated as private body, why the SBI cannot access the information sought as provided under section 2(f) of the RTI Act;

    (iii) The details as to the shareholding pattern of the SBI Cards; control of SBI over SBI Cards in the day-to-day functioning, profit sharing etc. (Copies of RBI licence to SBI Cards & latest balance sheets filed with Registrar Companies be provided);

    (iv) How the accounts of SBI Cards are being audited ?;

    (v) How the SBI Cards is using the SBI’s logo in promotional activities, in case if the said company is Pvt. Ltd. Company

    </DIR></DIR>The final decision in this appeal is to be given after the receipt of above clarification in the matter. I will keep a close watch to update you further on this.

    Decision No. 708/ICPB/2007 dated 19/07/2007 on Appeal from Mr. Arun Kumar Verma Vs State Bank of India

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    Informations related to private bodies may be taken from any Govt. Controlling agency.

    In discussion with some public authority I came to know that Indian Citizen may not ask informations of private bodies. Friends every private bodies bound to supply so many informations to many Govt agencies. Any person may ask information related to private bodies from Govt bodies. The Ministry of Company Affairs collecting so many informations from companies hence we may ask informations from MOC.

  4. Re: Informations related to private bodies may be taken from any Govt. Controlling agency.

    I think, one can get the information on non-govt entity through the govt. agency which regulates such private entity and all that information which the regulating agency holds or can seek through any law other than RTI. For example, one can file RTI application with RBI for information of a private bank or with TRAI for private mobile company or a public trust through Charity Commissioner of the Area. SEBI/NSE can be approached through RTI for information on listed public limited company. Majority of non-govt entities are regulated by one or the other office/dept of central/state govt.

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