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Thread: Usefulness of RTI

  1. Usefulness of RTI


    I am a new member excited about the usefulness of RTI.
    I have some basic questions.

    After using RTI, we can be able to extract information from the government departments.Even if we get the details,for certain misuse by a
    govt.official or a politician,what next steps could be possible under RTI?
    Can we be able to go to the court refering those details? Given the long
    waiting periods in our courts,it will take years to punish the culplit.If we have to go to court,who will be incurring the expenses? The individual may not be able to handle the court fees.

    As we all know the status of our politicians and govt officials,who had assets disproportionate to their income.They spent lacs of rupees on their family marriages/functions.Can RTI be used any way to challege this?

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    Re: Usefulness of RTI

    Dear Shri Bharatpremi,
    RTI is only usefull to prepare the case to file in court or represent the case some where. RTI not providing solutions but providing help in solutions. RTI is only use full to collect documents witnessess and ultimately we have to approach to judiciary to get relief. May be some time some one may understand the issue and may resolve the same.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Usefulness of RTI

    RTI Act will help only in getting information which so far been denied under the guise of Official Secrets Act. It has no conern with what one does with the information so obtained nor can render any financial assistance in any way.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Usefulness of RTI


    The information obtained by using the RTI Act can be used in different ways:

    1. To get to know the why/how/when/where of the Government decision making process
    2. To fix responsibilities with officers and staff re delays in decision making
    3. Use the information in court of law
    4. Use the information regarding corruption to go public as well as complain to
    Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau
    5. Highlight wrong decisions of the Government

    However, many of the RTI applicants are using information gathered for "personal" purposes and to settle their own grievances.

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    Re: Usefulness of RTI

    The usefullness provided by you is appreciable.
    1. why/how/when/where of the Government decision making process are not being supplied by PIO`s and same is being confirmed by CIC also. The CIC is saying only informations available with PIO may only supplied. There is no remedy if information is not available.
    2. To fix responsibilities with officers and staff re delays in decision making. The person using RTI will be giving secondary treatment then how it is possible to fix the responsibilities.
    3. What is the position of Indian Judiaciary we are all aware.
    4. The vigilance administration and Anti corruption beuro is working under Govt instructions and a RTI activist may not initiate these agencies any investigations.
    5. The media is working in his own interest. If any news will be in interest of publication house may be published.
    The grevinces is not being settled and even CIC is writing in his decision that RTI is not plateform to settle the greviences.
    RTI will be usefull if CIC is working to penalise the PIO for any information not provided in time or any information not available.

  6. Re: Usefulness of RTI

    Although, some of the observations of sngupta may be correct, but we do not need to afraid. The fear of getting exposed may also act as a deterrent to the corruption.


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