1. Please read Sec 22 of the RTI Act (Right to Information Act 2005).

In the Judgment related to WP(C) 288/2009 pronounced on 02.09.2009 by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi (Single Judge order related to Asset Declaration by Judges), the learned Judge observed:

“So far as the argument that the 1997 Resolution had imposed a confidentiality obligation on the CJI to ensure non-disclosure of the asset declarations, is concerned, the court is of opinion that with the advent of the Act, and the provision in Section 22 which overrides all other laws, etc. (even overriding the Official Secrets Act) the argument about such a confidentiality condition is on a weak foundation. The mere marking of a document, as "confidential", in this case, does not undermine the overbearing nature of Section 22. Concededly, the confidentiality clause (in the 1997 Resolution) operated, and many might have bona fide believed that it would ensure immunity from access. Yet the advent of
the Act changed all that; all classes of information became its subject

2. Regarding disclosure of ACR's, please see post #15 above.