UGC fined for delaying grant to girl

BANGALORE: The prestigious scholarship scheme for single girl children, launched by the University Grants Commission, is suffering the same fate as many other welfare schemes in the country.

Upset with the way the Indira Gandhi Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme — meant for promoting education among girl children — is being implemented, the Central Information Commission has fined UGC Rs 25,000 for delaying the scholarship in one case, issued show-cause notices and asked it to review implementation of the scheme. The CIC directive, a copy of which is available with TOI, came after a Meerut student, Charumita, sought information on the scholarship under the RTI Act.

Charumita won the scholarship in November 2005, but did not get it even after one and a half years as the UGC did not release the amount.

Her father S K Sharma filed an RTI application in August last year and sought to know how long it takes to release the scholarship, the number of students who received it and those who are yet to get it.

Six months later, the UGC told Charumita that her scholarship amount will be credited through ICICI Bank, Meerut branch. But when she approached the bank, it said it had received no information from the UGC.

UGC fined for delaying grant to girl-India-The Times of India