A civil services applicant in Delhi has used the right to information act to force a government agency to provide details of the seating arrangement of his competitors at the Union Public Services Commission examination.

The seating plan, he claimed, shows that his competitors — identified as roll numbers 3512, 3520 and 3521 — had copied from each other during the test.

“It appears from the seating arrangement that roll numbers 3512, 3520 and 3521 sat in the same row during the examination, and that 3512 and 3520 copied from 3521,” the appellant, S.K. Rathee, complained to the central government’s department of personnel and training.

The central information commission slapped a fine of Rs 3,250 on the department for not replying to the complaint and not responding to the notice for the information.

Friday, November 09, 2007
The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation