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Thread: C.M. Office : A public authority

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    There is no question of coparison between Modi of Gujarat Chief Minister and the Kerala 5 scic. My point was that the Modi should be more Transparent and acountable for implementing the RTI Act 2005 in Gujarat State. There is only one SCIC in Gujarat who is over loaded with the work.
    The Kerala SCIC reply that the Applicant are harassing the PIOs is irrevalent. If the RTI aplicant harassing the PIOs of Karela there is provisions to deal with such RTI applicant for which the Karela SCIC have no reply.

    Comparison between Gujarat and karela does't arise.

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    My point is that the C.M office is A public Authority and the Gujarat CM still not apointed CM office PIOs and AAs which he should do as per RTI Act 2005 provisions that the CMO is also a PA. It is clear.

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    I agree. The PIO and AA should be appointed in the CM Office. Like Gujrat, the PIOs have not been appointed in the CM offices in many States including Himachal Pradesh.

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    The CMO is having its staff knon a CM office. The CMO have its Principal Secretary, Secretary to Chief Minister and other staff of the CMO. All these staff getting the pay from the Gujarat Government. CM Gujarat ha its own WEB SITE ; E-MAIL ID ETC.
    There is a public fund known as CM funds which is collected from the public donations. The CM funds are used solely by the CM on his disretion to whom to be biven the aid from the CM fumds. These all shows that the CM has own full staff and independent office. THEN WHY SHOULD THE CMO SHOULD NOT HAVE ITS PIOs / FAAs.

    We get letters from CMO. Mr Narendra Modi is the first CM having its OWN line Swagat Programme to listen and give replies of public greviences sent to CMO. Recently the CM of Gujarat also started his own web site "" then why the CM of Gujarat should not have its PIOs / FAAs.

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    We all should write indivitual E-mail to Mr. Narendra Modi requesting him to appoint his CMO RTI Act 2005 PIOs / FAAs. His E-mail ID is "
    I hope on writing indivitualy to Mr. Modi he will respond positively. Modi is public orienred he will respond to the mails he will receive.
    One can also registered on his website ""

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    Re: C.M. Office : A public authority

    In order to strengthen the post I had made an RTI Application to two other Minister of Kerala. To-day it came back stating the "No such address exist in the Minister's Office". Earlier, the GAD of government Secretriate has accepted that GAD is the SPIO of CM's Office. I have therefore addressed this now to the GAD. Let us see

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    One can't compare the two states. The CIC given judgment that CMO is a PA. If the Kerala Government is not working correctly we should file First apeal and second apeal.

    Modi Government was also not giving the File notings but our fight up to Hon. High Court made Modi Bureaucrats to change in the Line of RTI Act 05.

    Please don't compare the CMO offices of other states. Our point is clear that the CMO of every State is a Public Authority (PA). The Karel Govt. one day has to accept the fact and apoint the PIOs / FAAs of CMO and other Minister's offices.
    Go on trying to hit hard.

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    I am pleased to intimate all the members that after repeated attempts, now the CM Office of Himachal Pradesh has appointed PIO and Appellate Authority in the Chief Minister Office. Not only this, five APIOs have also been appointed in the CM Office. Further, nodal officers have also been designated in the Office of all the Ministers to receive and forward the applications to the concerned PIO within a period of five days. Although, under the RTI Act, there is no scheme to designate 'Nodal Officers', but it is a step forward in facilitating the dissemination of information relating to the office of Ministers. These Nodal Officers have the same responsibility to that of APIOS.

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