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    I'm very interested in knowing more about RTI - both from the point of filing an appeal immediately and attending workshops to learn more about it in depth. I live in Mumbai in the Chembur-Deonar area. Would love to get in touch with others in Mumbai. And am very interested in knowing how RTIs are being filed for environmental issues.

    Sushmita Senmajumdar

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    Dear Sushmita,
    Welcome to RTI. You will find everything, you need on this forum. In the process, you may also find some persons from your city. As regard to RTI, I would like to tell you that it is a remarkable legislation drafted in a very simple language. A person, who is citizen of India may obtain information from any Public Authority (P.A.) by filing an application with the Public Inforamtion Officer of the PA. the PIO is under obligation to provide the information as expeditiously as possible and the maximum time limit is 30 days. If the information is not received in 30 days or wrong information is provided, you may file first appeal with the Appellate Authority designated for the purpose by the PA. The AA has to decide the appeal within a period of 30 days, failing which the applicant may file second appeal with the Information Commission. One can also file second appeal, if he is dissatisfied with the decision of the AA. So there is time limit at every stage, till you reach the Information Commission. The scope of the Act is also very wide. The definition of the word "information" is also very exhaustive. The most important point is that every organisation, which is funded directely or indirectly is a PA under the Act. In addition to this every organisation created under the Constitution or by an order or notification is a PA. Kindly remember, if the PA has not designated the PIO or if designated but not accepting your information, you can make a complaint with the Information Commission. If you have more questions, you may put your questions here and the members of the forum with their experience and great knowledge will help you. Have a great time.

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    Thanks Mr. vashisthvivek. You have summed the RTI Act very nicely.

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    Welcome to RTI India Sushmita,
    We have wonderful community of RTI lovers who will reach out in hour of need.
    In order to explore more about RTI you can start here with FAQ
    They have been compiled with great care by our members. It will give you head start.

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    Dear Maneesh Sir,
    Thanks for supplementing my effort.
    Dear Rama Ji
    Thanks for the appreciation.

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    Thanks Vashisthvivek and Maneesh! It's great to get such a prompt and good response.

    Can you tell me where I can find RTI activists in Mumbai? Thanks.

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    We have couple of forum members from Mumbai. Apart from that any help required that can be provided over internet, you will find our community very responsive.
    RTI India Network Staff Member


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