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Thread: How to apply for second Appeal under RTI, is there an format?

  1. Thank you for the great information Hema. This thread has been made as 'Featured thread' and can be found at the top of the forum board.

  2. thanks everybody for the contribution. The authorities have found a good way to hoodwink the applicant in appeal by calling them for hearingto their office which may be situatrd hundreds of kilometers away at a short notice. Say they fix the date for 28 and issue the letter by post on the 24. so nobody can reach on time and the petition is accordingly filed.
    Is there a way out?

  3. Thanks Everybody
    I have one doubt as said by Mpai that "The appeal should also contain an index of the enclosures, besides an affidavit." Can you clarify / elaborate this point in details

  4. Please note that Hon'ble CIC has been requesting all the applicants to submit their second appeals in 5 copies due to the reasons which you may kindly go through.


    Block No. IV, 5th Floor, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi – 110067

    Date: 20/6/2006

    CIRCULAR No. 1

    The Commission has been receiving complaints and appeals under Section 18 and 19 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 respectively. Appellants/complainants have been submitting these in a single copy. Due to limited resources of the Commission, it has been found difficult to photocopy them in a large number for sending them to the respondents as well as to the Information Commissioners and Chief Information Commissioner.

    The Commission has decided that all appellants and complainants may be requested to submit 5 copies of their complaints/appeals before it is taken up for enquiry or hearing. Chief Information Commissioner exercising powers conferred under Section 12 (4) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 has approved that upon receiving complaint/appeal, within three days, if complainant/appellant has not submitted adequate number of copies, he/she may be requested to file 5 copies of complaints/appeals or deposit photocopying fees as per RTI Fee and Cost Rules before these are taken up further for necessary action in the Commission.

    Although inadequate number of copies will not in itself warrant rejection. In case, these are not received in four weeks of receipt, the case may be taken up for further processing in the Commission. Data Entry Operators may use telephone/email for contacting appellant/complainant and make a request for sending five copies of their complaints/appeals to the Commission.

    (P. K. Gera), Joint Secretary & Registrar

    visit India Right To Information for everything you want to know on RTIA,2005

  5. It was interesting to read. I however have some querries. I stay in Noida UP and my SCIC is located at Lucknow, far away. Normally,when one files an appeal in a court and it is accepted, an appeal no and date of hearing is given. 1 Similiarly, why does SCIC not send the appeal no and date of hearing soon after it is accepted. He sends it only about a fortnight before the date of hearing, ie only after about two months of filing the appeal since the appeal is listed for hearing after so long. 2 Why are 4 copies of the appeal needed by SCIC. Normally, only one SCIC hears the appeal and hence two copies should be enough. 3 Why is the Respondant not required to submit a written statement on the points raised in the appeal for facilty of judgement and also for information of the Appelant. 4 Why does SCIC not send copy of his orders soon after the hearing and hence recording of his orders. Why as the same to be asked for from hi seperately.

  6. it is a very valuid querry which should be posed before the cic through this site. the cic should be graciuos enough to make the necessary changes in their system.

  7. very valid queries, indeed. I'm sure, with time, the procedural aspects would streamline further.

  8. I sent to-day Second Appeal in single copy, with Original orders of CPIO and
    Appellat Authority. Should I send four more copies to-morrow ?

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