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Thread: Unreadable Photocopies Received.

  1. Unreadable Photocopies Received.

    I have asked for the Photocopies of the document under RTI, The Photo Copies Received by me after 30 days is not readable
    What should be done I have again appeal and wait for another 30 days to get the FRESH photocopies.

  2. The CPIO has the power of revision of his own decision, and if applied the CPIO will provide the information again. The act also defines that the spirit of the Act is not to wait for 30 days but to provide, and as the information has been provided to you, giving again the copy of the same should not be time consuming.

  3. It is CPIO's duty to ensure that applicant should get legible copies otherwise it can be construed as denial of inforamtion.

  4. Excellent Brijesh.
    This should be the correct line of arguing the case.

  5. Because the information obtained is not an certified copy, hence proving that it was in-eligible would be difficult. I guess you must approach the CPIO to get the fair copy.

    Better would be that you ask the CPIO for the inspection of record itself, so that it can be safely said that the original was not also stated to be not readable.

    I think approaching for CPIO for revision would be better and if not satisfied appeal can be preferred.

  6. Rightly said Anu,

    We start with a premise that CPIO deliberately did not give the legible copy assuming that the records are legible.

    As Kushal has explained CPIO has power to revise his own judgement, the right course would be to approach CPIO and ask for inspection of records.
    If after inspection the applicant is satisfied then it becomes the valid ground for appealing and arguing that the information was denied as suggested by the Brajesh.

    In such a case a appeal to recover cost may also be included.

    Lets not start with a premise that illegible copies were provided on purpose, though in majority of cases this may be the fact.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by maneesh View Post
    Rightly said Anu,

    Lets not start with a premise that illegible copies were provided on purpose, though in majority of cases this may be the fact.
    Anu and Maneesh are to the point. Try and find out if the provision of this illegible copy was accidential. If not, you can file an appeal with the AA and also under Section 18 with the CIC and press for charges as described by Maneesh.

    But note, most problems can be sorted out at the CPIO stage itself.



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