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Thread: What to do if CIC doesn't acknowledge appeal sent?

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    What to do if CIC doesn't acknowledge appeal sent?

    I am curious to hear about whether others have had the same experience as I have had. I submitted 2 different final appeals to the CIC in October. In each case, I submitted it via email, together with an exact copy by courier from the US, plus a hardcopy delivered thru a friend in Delhi.

    It has now been 6 weeks since the appeals were submitted and as yet I do not have even an acknowledgment or reference number. It leaves me at a loose end, and I want to know if this is par for the course given the current load of the CIC, or whether I need to worry that something unusual has happened in these cases. Thanks in advance. Best,


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    Re: What to do if CIC doesn't acknowledge appeal sent?

    While restraing from making any further comments on functioning of CIC, the ground realities are that I too had the same problem and the Registrar pleaded non-receipt of my appeal. At last when I proved that it has reached the Registrar, Ms.Nish Singh has accepted that though it had reached her it is not traceable. On her request I had sent a fresh set though I had lost 2 months in that process. At last my appeal was registered during March 2007, and Case Number allotted. I can now view its present status from CIC's site which continue show that it has been recieved. I had sent an e-mail reminding that myself being a retired defence perspnal and senior cityzen, my case deserve consideration on priority; but with no reply. I am allowing the status quo to continue as a test case for evidence against any future tall claims of CIC. Kindly have your own inference.

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    Re: What to do if CIC doesn't acknowledge appeal sent?

    Update on speed of acknowledgment of CIC relating to final appeals: Sent 2 in October 2007, by email, besides sending hardcopies by courier. One was acknowledged in early December; another, in a passing email on another case just today, with a promise that I would get a formal acknowledgment soon. The message did provide a case number, and I was able to confirm it immediately on the CIC website.

    Like others I also hope that CIC can be more prompt in acknowledging receipt and assigning a case number. But I do want to note that in one respect the CIC's office has actually been very helpful. The final appeals in both cases are by video-conference from Bombay, and the CIC has accommodated my request that they be scheduled around the same time, to enable me to participate in person myself. It would have been prohibitively expensive to make 2 trips home in one year from the US, and without much pleading they have been nice enough to fix both hearings on the same day in April next. Even they date they picked is within a period I indicated to them earlier as feasible for me. Given that we all crib about their shortcomings, I think we ought to also give them some credit where credit is due.

    So overall I think email submissions seem to beget a slightly more prompt acknowledgment from CIC, and the CIC's office has shown some willingness to accommodate one's personal constraints. Best,

    Murgie Krishnan

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    Sir, Ms Nisha Singh is no more with CIC. She was with IC Tiwari and your case of MArch 07 should have benn listen by now, U can contact them by telephone otherwise it may take more time

    anil Sood


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