Collectors asked for details regarding RTI implementation

Tirupati, November 16: The State Chief Commissioner of the Right to Information Act, C. D. Araha has on Thursday reviewed in detail the status of the implementation of the Right to Information Act and asked all the Collectors to send him a detailed before the month end on the position.

He also asked the district collectors to put the details in the website of not only the State Commission but in the websites of their own districts. Because it is two years now since the Act into force in the state, there should not be any more hiccups in its implementation, he told the Collectors of Chittoor, Kadapa, Anantapur and Nellore who attended the regional review meeting.

Insisting that the Collectors put all the relevant data every month in the websites, Araha said that the inputs must include details as to the number of applications received seeking information, number of applications for which information was furnished, number of those referred to other departments, number of applications rejected, and so onThe names, designations and addresses of the Public Information Officers and the Deputy I.Os of the district also must be put in their concerned websites .

Members of the Commission, Dilip Reddy, A. Subba Rao, Sudhakar and district collectors, S.S. Rawat (Chittoor), Ravichandra (Nellore), M. Krishnababu (Kadapa), were among the participants in the review meeting.