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Thread: Who has to Sign the reply of Appeal

  1. Question Who has to Sign the reply of Appeal

    I had asked for information with PIO, but unfortunately after 30 days. I received unsatisfactory answer to some question.

    The matter was taken up with First Appealant Authority by me. After 30 days I have received a reply of my first appeal, but the reply is signed by the PIO against whom I have made appeal.

    Now my question is that who has to sign the reply of appeal, whether PIO or AA.

    If the answer AA then what should be done in such case.

  2. Reply has to filed and signed by party against whom appeal is filed. AA only decides appeal on the basis of material/pleadings before it.

  3. The appelatte authority has to sign the reply
    CIC has clearly indicated in his decision.

    RTI applications are handled by designated
    CPIO/s and all the replies go under his signature. Likewise, decisions by the Appellate Authority
    should also go under his signature.

  4. Thanks Maneesh for the valueable information and the link to it.
    I am planning to write to AA and asking the reply duly signed by him.

  5. AS I read here at RTI India, that the CPIO has the power of revision, so I guess if the information is supplied and signed by PIO, that should be sufficient. Also sicne CPIO is the only public authority who needs to supply the information, it is ok that PIO has signed it.

    However, if you are referring to AA decision, then offcourse it should be signed by him.
    In you case, if might be that the AA has directed the CPIO to supply the information, and CPIO intrun had supplied the information under his signature. If that is the case the information is valid.

    You can ask for the decision of the AA in his signature. The AA cannot supply the information, he can decide the appeal and direct the CPIO to supply the information.

  6. I agree with Crusader.

  7. Indeed, it depends what order AA has given, even such order has to be signed by AA.
    Good work Crusader.

  8. maneesh,Crusader & brijesh

    I am now confused I am a normal person, I am not master of all these acts
    Tell me what practical step I should take....

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