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Thread: CVC seeks info act immunity

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    Re: CVC seeks info act immunity

    Under what grounds CVC seek exemption from the purview of RTI Act 2005 ? Taking shelter of such exemption if granted, liberally to all Bodies/Agencies the provisions of RTI Act 2005 will get diluted and the Act and the circumstances under which the same has been enacted shall get defeated. There is a major question involved here - why some Deptt., or Agency want to hide certain information ? If they maintain transparancy in their dealings specially public dealings where is the scope to hide something from the purview of RTI Act 2005 ?

    In short in our Country, no body wants accountability and those who are at the helm of affairs (seeking exemption) wants to remain unaccountable and draw salary without doing any job. Since they are being paid out of the TAX money collected from the general public, are they not accountable to the Public, who is the supreme power in a democracy ? Let this question be deliberated before granting liberal exemption from the purview of RTI Act 2005 to any body/Agency under any Ministry and let the PMO be the authority for granting exemption after detailed study/deliberation on the subject. The second schedule (Sec. 24) already had given enough exemption , any further exemption shall render the ACt really toothless and thus become an ornamental piece only, which the public, in my view shall not tolerate. Granting further exemption be a matter of debate for our expert members taking the matter in its right perspective.


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    Re: CVC seeks info act immunity

    We will not be surprised if an amendment to the Act comes removing the Second Schedule from the Act and inserting a new Sec called Sec 1(2A) - providing that the Act is voluntary and whichever Public Authority wants to comply with it may do so whenever they feel like.

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    Re: CVC seeks info act immunity

    CVC, RPF, SPG etc are not corrupt bodies. Why those all want to hide their work from the public? They are drawing salary from public fund; but they do not want to disclose their right or wrong activities . This is very much shameful. They acted against the country's Constitution knowingly.
    Malafides are evident.
    Info Commission now has pious duty to penalise those officers asking wrong things.

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    Re: CVC seeks info act immunity

    who says they are not currupt????

  5. Re: CVC seeks info act immunity

    This shows true nature of various commissions...
    they try to be hidden

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    This phenomena exposes mentality of people occupying such senior positions in govt. If one is doing his job with all honesty and sincerely, there is no reason to seek exemption from RTI and public scrutiny. Pehaps small people are occupying big positions at citizens' cost.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    All those who are seeking exemption from RTI need to peruse Memorandums dated 21-01-09 issued by President Barak Obama which are available here:
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    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Re: CVC seeks info act immunity

    Re : CVC seeks info act Immunity
    Why does everyone in government in this country wants immunity from the RTI Act 2005. People in government are either having a feudalistic approach or they are living in the age of British India. The RTI Act has in some way made the one in government accountable to their fellow-citizens. Moreover they cannot tolerate a common man questioning their intelligence or asking them for information about their doings/wrong-doings. The RTI Act in time will make the masters work for the welfare of its fellow-citizens.

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