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Thread: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

  1. Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    The complete truth about finding out the owner's name & address of mobile no & finding caller details of Mobile number.

    1. WHETHER i CAN GET THE call details of mobile?
    2. Whether I can get the owner details of the Mobile?
    3. In case of loss of my Mobile what should I do?
    4. I am getting unwanted calls who is talking vulgarly with me and my wife, what to do?

    Please help me find the answers to above queries.

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  2. System Star Icon Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    Are you looking for the name and address of a mobile number from which you have received a missed call? Are you interested in getting the name of the person who made the call? How can i locate the personal address by mobile number? Would you please help me find the address for the following mobile number?

    un related to RTI, however, we have created a detailed post regarding this issue:

    2. How We Can Find Out Address By Mobile Number? - National Concerns Initiatives

    Hope this detailed information will be of help to everybody.Claims of websites to provide details of the caller!

    There are many websites and mobile applications which claim to give you such details. However, all of them fall short by providing only Telecom operator name and the name of the circle. Even these details may be wrong with the users who have used the Mobile Number Potability (MNP) feature. These websites will continue showing you the original service provider. For example if your original service provider was MTS, and you have switched over to Airtel, the details from such a website will continue to show as MTS.

    This means no one can claim that they can give you the details of the mobile user.

    What is the purpose of this article?

    This article is to educate that as of now there is no way/provision by which you can get the details of the caller. The only exception is by way of lawful complaint to the Police.

    In the year 2007, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has asked the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) to furnish its recommendations to get the mobile service providers in the country to launch mobile number directories. There has not been any decision on this either by DOT or by TRAI, and the matter is still under consultation.

    This posts detailed about
    mobile number tracker with name and address & mobile number address
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    Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    TRAI HAS COLLECTED PUBLIC OPINION BY CONDUCTING"IN HOUSE MEETINGS "AT SEVERAL CITIES AND TOWNS AND the public opinion was NOT IN FAVOUR OF DISCLOSURE and hence No recommendations have been made to the disclose.As of now since it is Confidential the criminals using it or sometimes changing SIM cards and using in Kidnaps etc., for extortion of money and are being caught with the evidence they have left.Even the Naxals ARE BLASTIUNG THE CELL TOWERS SO THAT THEIR WHEREABOUTS COULD NOT BE LOCATED BY POLICE COOMBING.

  4. Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    I am getting unwanted calls who is talking vulgarly with me and my wife, what to do?

  5. Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    Make a record of all the calls and file a complaint to Cyber Cell of Police as immediately as possible before the culprit suspects your plan of action. There are several replies on installing application in smart mobile in securing address in to-days posts. Kindly read the replies.
    Even you know the caller you can not directly take any action but can only inform the Police if the caller is a relative/friend/acquaintance/enemy to establish motives behind such calls.

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    Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    Mr.Abhi is telling that TRUE CALLER a device can give the caller details and anyway I have never come across this nor heard and if a gadget is produced against the govt.rules of secrecy then it cannot be used publicly.Further lot of Telecom Providers in each circle are operating and whether this Caller identity can find put any subscriber of any operator or any particular operator's services is also not clear.Even assuming it is true, then also as Prasadji hjas stated you cannot do anything DIRECTLY and you have to complain to police to take action with call record(How many calls you have received from this No.)

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    MANOJ B. PATEL (Krushnanand)
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    Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    Dear Member, as our senior R/Prasad sir advised you is the only remedy of your trouble, so file a complaint to police without any further delay. To be very frank i tell you, local police is very much interested to receive such complaints.

  8. Re: Find Name & Address against Mobile Number

    I have personally asked one of my friend to get the same downloaded after learning from our member Shri Sunil. It is perfectly working well, as a retired district judge who is well known has telephoned, and his telephone is in the name of a Muslim when the call was received. (Please do not ask me legality of using another's SIM CARD, as I am not aware of those)

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