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Thread: Anonymous complain?

  1. Anonymous complain?

    yet another query.
    Can I make an anonymous complaint? Will my application be entertained?

  2. No anonymous complaint allowed

    No. The person applying must be an identifiable natural person. Anonymous applications will not be entertained.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jeevan View Post
    Can I make an anonymous complaint? Will my application be entertained?
    Please distinguish bewteen Complain and Application under RTI.

    Both are different altogahter from the very words.

    In governement department there is seperate mechanism for handling complains.

    a) Anonymous complains: Please refer to CVC guidelines regarding anonymous complains: It specifies that no action to be taken on an anonymous complain

    b) If an application is anonymous how can a CPIO will reply to it??

  4. Re: Anonymous complain?

    Jeevan, here I am assuming that you want to file an RTI application or complain to CIC and keep it anonymous because you are in some manner related to the public authority. In this case you can simply get the application filed by someone else familiar to you. Complaint to CIC, if required, can be filed by the same person. The other person can ask for any information even if it relates to you.

  5. Re: Anonymous complain?

    Am sorry, but don't you think by being Anon, I can ask more questions fearlessly and without any worry that some goons will be sent after me by the person who I may be 'exposing'? I am very confused. Thanks.

  6. Re: Anonymous complain?

    Anonymous applications are not allowed. Please see this blog for your concern:

  7. Re: Anonymous complain?

    As per RTI rules a person seeking information has to be a citizen of India. How an Anonymous person can prove his citizenship ?

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    Re: Anonymous complain?

    Sir ,Can an annonimous citizen file application for the R.T.I. in the terest of society

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