CBI prosecution arm doesn't maintain list of cases

NEW DELHI: The CBI, which is expected to keep a tab on cases under trial involving it, has claimed it has no records of the cases pending in various courts throughout the country.

Even the Central Information Commission (CIC) has expressed its inability to come to the rescue of one of CBI's lawyer who feared that the non-maintenance of list of its pending cases could compromise the agency's ability to pursue prosecution.

Hearing an Right to Information application filed by Rajendra Singh, a public prosecutor with CBI, the apex information body said it was not competent under the law to decide on the matter.

"The information held by the public authority (CBI) in this case has been provided and that is that they maintain no such list," Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said in a recent order.

Referring to the apprehensions raised by Singh, Habibullah said: "This may be the case but the point raised by the applicant is beyond the competence of this Commission to adjudicate upon."

Singh, in his RTI application with the agency, had also sought inspection of files pertaining to him, as maintained by CBI's administration division as well as directorate of prosecution.

"...it is clarified that in the Directorate of Prosecution (DOP) no list of cases under trial is maintained," the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the agency's DOP had said in reply.

CBI prosecution arm doesn't maintain list of cases-India-The Times of India