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Thread: Selfish officers creating hurdles in RTI.

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    Selfish officers creating hurdles in RTI.

    In discussion some officer I reached on conclusion that only selfish officers not favouring RTI. One officers suddenly started discussion with me regarding RTI without knowing about me. I enquired him the problem to implement RTI.
    1.He told me that he have to work in pressures of leaders.
    but I immediately replied
    2.why you need to do job under pressure of leaders.
    He replied,
    3. To get it stay at one place.
    I immediately reacted that your selfishness is problem to implement the RTI other wise no need to work in pressure of leader.
    I said him to work with tranparency and accountability and favour huminity.
    I want to share this with forum friends.

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    Its true. If an officer is working without selfishness, he has no reasons to fear from RTI.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Selfish officers creating hurdles in RTI.

    In normal cource, an honest man may not find any problem in providing the information. The problem come only when some one ask certain information if disclosed is likely to expose past/present cases of corruption/illegal practices. The present PIO/AA may not have any role in it. But they find it difficult to displease or cause damage to their predecessor or colleagues, some of them might have reached high in the heirarchy by now. The solution is to create cituations compelling them to part with such information. Section 20 of the Act is the only solution. If the CIC/SIC start invoking provisionss of Section 20 liberally viz., interpret the terms "shall recommend" in the correct perspective, this roblem will automatically be solved. But no CIC/SICs is prepared to accept Sections 20(2) and 19(5) in its present form.

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    Re: Selfish officers creating hurdles in RTI.

    RTI unveil the malfide working of politician if it is not good sign in development of justice.


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