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Thread: Rs 35000 crore loss in Electricity theft.

  1. Rs 35000 crore loss in Electricity theft.

    In a important information provided under RTI Act by Central Electricity Authority regarding transmission loss it was reported that in 2004-05 the transmission loss was to the tune of 175534.96 million units . If we multiply the cost per unit as Rs 2 then the total loss in financial term will Rs 35000 crore (Approx.). This is only one year figure. If we add 10 years transmission loss it will be around 3 to 4 lacs rupees, enough money to build Delhi like metros in all major cities of India, enough money to build roads to take village kids to nearby town schools, enough money to build hospitals to take care our elderly people. Is there need of national campaign to stop this loss. Please do not think that this loss is due to power theft by your nearby juggis walas . Basically in this racket rich people are also involved. These are the people who use ACs but do not pay for its use, they have factories but in connivance with electric board people do not pay as per their use.
    As regards cost of power generation it was reported that the cost per unit of IP Stn. was Rs. 3.11 per unit whereas the cost per unit in Pragati Power Corp. (Gas based unit) was Rs.1.83 per unit in the year 2005-06. from the statement made available under RTI it is found that cost of generation of hydel power project is much cheaper than the coal based power units. If it is so why there is not enough emphasis given for hydel power projects.

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  2. Re: Rs 35000 crore loss in Electricity theft.

    Will it be possible for you to upload the original RTI petition and its reply verbatim to enable all our members to view it?
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    Re: Rs 35000 crore loss in Electricity theft.

    Just some additional points to consider:

    1. Power theft is not by a select few. As per newspaper reports, it involves
    Industrialists, Officers, Politicians...everyone.
    2. Not paying your Power Bill is also a kind of "theft". In AP, a large section of the
    Officers and MLA's do not pay their Electricity, Water or Telephone Bills.
    3. Remember the SE in Maharashtra who was penalised for disconnecting power to
    the CM's house for non payment ?


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