Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, an international NGO working for the practical realization of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth, and the University of Jammu are organizing a day-long public consultation on the subject–“Strengthening the Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Act”.

Aditi Datta, Media and Communications Officer, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, New Delhi told the News Agency of Kashmir that consultation will be held on Dec 15 at the university campus.

Chief information Commissioner of the Central Information Commission, Wajahat Habibullah will be the Chief Guest Speaker. Shailesh Gandhi, Convenor of the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) will also participate in the deliberations.

CHRI will be represented by its Director Maja Daruwala, Venkatesh Nayak and Sohini Paul at this consultation, she said. (NAK)