Oh, thanks for the kind words. There is nothing much about me. I have been a journalist and have followed the Bose death case for a few years. I've written a book on the case.

Now my friends and I run Mission Netaji. Our aim as of now is to make efforts to resolve this matter of Bose's fate. You will all be aware that the Govt rejected the Mukherjee Commission's report rather arbitrarily. One area of our activities is making use of the RTI act -- it is the reason I am here.

On Friday, a Writ Petition filed by our friends was admitted in Calcutta High Court. The Govt doesnt have a quick answer as to why they rejected the report submitted by a reputed former Supreme Court judge.

We have filed a couple of complaints with the CIC. One deals with Home Ministry's refusal to give us copies of documents exhibited by previous panels on Bose's death. We think that they were fraud and that's why the govt did not give us those papers. This matter has reached Information Commissioner AN Tiwari, who in the last hearing gave the CPIO, MHA a sever dressing down.

The two more cases likely to come up for hearing soon pertains to the PMO, Cabinet Secretariat and MEA. The PMO did not give us appropriate information about the illegal destruction of a Top Secret PMO file. The MEA refused us the copies of the correspondence they had had with the Russians on Bose's fate.