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Thread: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

  1. Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    just to give info that in MAHARASHTRA except one, sic in PUNE all sics including chief are bureaucrats.

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    Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    Public servant[info comissioner] will naturally favor other public servant[PIO].There must be check& scrutiny system over decisions of info comm.They also must be PUNISHABLE. Then they will act hoestly.

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    My employer(a public sector general insurance Company) has devised "innovative" ideas,they have entangled me in two separte disciplinary charge meo and subsequesnt enquiries,now they quote some provision regarding "offender" that since "enquiry" is pending or under progress,they are denying the information.

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    Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    No sir, they cannot deny the info. RTI Section 8[h]saysthat info impeding the procecution of offender can be denied. In yr case, u decide whether demanded info can impede their procecution case. U should tell yr views clearly stating how demanded info will not slow down the case & u r asking that info just to prove yr non-misconduct & also that the info is necessary , relevant in view of NATURAL JUSTICE.
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  5. Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    Thank you,I will certainly argue that way.

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    Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    Only corrupt/ wrong PIOs cry of misuse of rti act. Honest public officer provides voluminous information within minutes . PIO's job is only to order his clerk or peon just to photocopy the information & despach it to the citizen. PIO will be earning good profits also by charging Rs.2 per copy whereas he paid only 50 paisa . Hence prividing info timely is better business for all .But PIO deny the info only when he thinks it will /can harm him /his deptt . If PIO finds not a single minute for most important job of RTI , he must recruit a temporary clerk for this at contracted salary Rs 3000 pm. At least 1000 persons then can be reduced from our unemployed population of nearly 60 CRORES . Govt & banks recruited thousands of temporary contracted officers in past 5 years @ Rs 4--6 thousands pm. Labour is cheapest in our country . Govt must think on these lines .I m ready to offer my FREE SERVICE as info commissiner , if govt needs.

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    Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    Yes they will CRY
    They were of the habits doing wrong and hiding it under secrecy act. Now whenever information is asked it hurts them. Prevoiusly it was under instructions from British Government. Now our Bureaucrats has got indepence to o wht ever they like. In my opinion Bureaucrats are causing more harm then politicians. They get elected only for 5 years where as Bureaucrats remain for theire entire life

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    Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    Quote Originally Posted by snkmoorthy View Post
    misuse of the rti act - this is not something peculiar to rti act; before the benefits of any legislation reach the people, misuse of the act starts immediately; take for example the acts regarding dowry and domestic violence; i know of many women who overtly or covertly threaten their menfolk with dire consequences quoting the provisions of these acts; i myself have recently come across a petition under rti act seeking information that is simply voluminous which would take me months to collect that information. certainly the intention of the petitioner is not to get information but to embarass the pio. reality; use and misuse of any legislation is co-extensive.
    Why it has come?? Now you must try to safe guard your collegeu for whom it has come. Why a citizen will like embrass a PIO without any reason?

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