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Thread: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

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    Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

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    At least we should be very clear that " there is absolutely no scope for misuse of the RTI Act". The Appellants only "Request" for an information strictly as per the provisions of the RTI Act. How can a request become misuse ? Yes, our LEARNED COMMISSIONS can allege that the RTI Activists are misusing the information when given. That is of no concern of the Wise-men. Has the Commission has any authority in not abiding with this statutory function of the Commissions confined to see that "the information requested fall under the defenition givenin Section 2(f) and ambit of Section 4(1)(d), does not fall under any of the excemptions given in the Act, does not disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the records in question and the person seeking the ibid information has paid the prescribed fees and additonal charges asked for ? " .The commission has absolutely no business to step outside this parameter. The entire drama of misuse is a hoax to escape from their above duties.
    You are correct. It cannot be misused rather buerocrats are still not obeying by law due to lenientactions of 1st Appellate and CIC

  2. Re: Public Servants Cry Of ' Misuse Of RTI Act'

    Misinformation is widely spread by my employer insurance company to deny information .They have told CIC that
    I was suspended from service due to "misconduct" and insubordination.
    Actually,misconduct can only be alleged until proved.They "suspended"me because of "enquiry"(pending or under progress).

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